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Report RSS Warcraft Faction Showcase: Kingdom of Stromgarde Faction Leaders and Altars

In this article we are going to showcase the three Faction Leaders of Stromgarde Kingdom playable faction, as well, as the Altar buildings for the respective subfactions.

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When selecting the "Kingdom of Stromgarde" faction, you will be able to choose between 3 distinct subfactions.

The first subfaction is the "Stromgarde Offensive" with legendary Danath Trollbane as the faction leader.

Danath is the nephew of Thoras Trollbane, Lord of Stromgarde, and militia commander of the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. He is also known as "Danath Dungalion".

A mercenary captain from the Stromgarde militia at the beginning of the Second War, Danath was made famous for leading the armies of Stromgarde in the final fight for Khaz Modan.

While Danath never personally wished for the role of the commander and leader of people of Stromgarde, the chain of dire circumstances lead to his elevation to that position.


The Altar of Strom for Stromgarde Offensive subfaction has the following unique look:

SO Altar

The second subfaction is the "Stromgarde Supremacy" with proud Crown Prince Galen Trollbane as the faction leader.

Prince Galen Trollbane is the rightful heir to Stromgarde's throne, as son of Lord Thoras Trollbane. Raised by the tales of the mighty kingdom of old, where Stromgarde was its capital, Prince Galen Trollbane dreamed a lot about a future, where Stromgarde is as powerful as the kingdom of Arathor once was. Only a few years have passed and the dreamy prince became a dolorous and bitter king with only one goal: show the world that Stromgarde doesn't need Alliance or Elven and Dwarven allies to stand ,let alone prosper, but all it the Stromgarde alone. For too long his kingdom had to mount desperate defence after defence against overwhelming attackers on his lands. It will end now! And the complete annihilation of forest Trolls will be a fitting start.


The Altar of Strom for Stromgarde Supremacy subfaction has the following unique look:

SS Altar

The second subfaction is the "Stromgarde Royal Army" with mighty King Thoras Trollbane as the faction leader.

Thoras Trollbane was a natural-born warrior. His people's lands were in the heart of troll-populated areas, and so being ready for battle was simply a way of life. Due to this, he was easily the largest and physically the strongest human king in the Alliance of his time. Thoras was a man of few words, only speaking those needed. However, his gruff exterior hid a very sharp mind.


The Altar of Strom for Stromgarde Royal Army subfaction has the following unique look:

SRA Altar

That's it for todays update!

Coming up next is the showcase of secondary heroes for all subfactions of Stromgarde Kingdom.

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If Thoraas had a Spear (a famous one named Grungnir) instead of that Poleaxe he could just be Odin in disguise. :D

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Hellforger Author

Well, we should pay a visit to Asgard to find out what's going on then :P

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