StormCraft Armies is a mod developed on Starcraft 2 (SC2) Galaxy engine. It is divided into multiple compnonents: Lore and Multiplayer. Multiplayer component features a single RTS environment, where you can play as many factions from various Blizzard universes (Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo) clashing toghether. The Multiplayer component is in the stage of Open Beta and is released in all SC2 Regions (Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and Korea) and is available for free for all Started Edition SC2 accounts (free accounts). Simply search "StormCraft Armies" and enjoy the experience!

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StormCraft Armies: Rise of Strom is a total conversion mod project, developed on StarCraft 2 Engine. The mod itself is an RTS game, with different factions from Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo lore.

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StormCraft Armies: Rise of Strom is a total conversion mod project, developed on StarCraft 2 Engine. The mod itself is an RTS game, with different factions from Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo lore.

Rise of Strom Cover

When the game starts, you'd be able to select one of the 3 factions available in the first release:

- Kingdom of Stromgarde
- Warsong Clan
- Zerg

Race Selection

After selecting a faction, for instance, Kingdom of Stromgarde, you'd be able to select one of the three available subfactions:

For Kingdom of Stromgarde they are:
- Stromgarde Offensive - an alternate reality Stromgarde faction, led by Danath Trollbane, who is torn by two sides by the escalated war with Trolls and invading Orcish hords. Regarded by the citizens and soldiers of his kingdom as hero and champion, he is trying his best to deal with the hardships, only a true Stromgardian would be able to endure.

- Stromgarde Supremacy - another alternate reality Stromgarde faction, led by Galen Trollbane, who strives to lead Stromgarde to the former glory of Kingdom of Arathor, yet he knows well, that in order to do so, he has to deal with the Troll threat once and for all, and only after that he may or may not consider aiding the Alliance of Lordaeron, weakened beyond measure without Stromgarde forces.

- Stromgarde Royal Army - canon warcraft 2 reality Stromgarde faction, led by the mighty Thoras Trollbane. Experience firsthand the inclusion of Stromgarde and actual forming of the Alliance of Lordaeron with the mightiest army of all the human nations of Azeroth.

All of the Stromgarde subfactions are available at first public beta release!

Warsong Clan subfaction:*
- Hellscream Vanguard - led by Grom Hellscream, this semi-canon version of the Warsong Clan is highlighting the Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 eras of lore. You will be able to decide, wether the mighty Warsong Clan should return to the way of their ancestors and redeem themeselves in the eyes of Spirits or should they harness the power of the Fel to expand their clan to the power, never seen before in any world!

* On first public beta release, only the Hellscream Vanguard subfaction is available to players.

- Niadra's Brood - led by the Broodmother Niadra, the splinter brood was able to do the impossible - assimilate Protoss DNA and make use of their psionic essence. Niadra was able to do so, with a very particular way: when Protoss scientists experimented with their psionic energies on various creatures on their science vessel, Niadra inflitrated it and by the order of Kerrigan started to absorb the biomass of those creatures to grow into the full sized Broodmother, unknowingly, she also absorbed the weak Protoss essence from the creatures. Amplified by her own unique psionic design by Kerrigan, she was the first broodmother to hatch a new species of Zerg. However, the incompatibility of Zerg and Protoss DNA causes her Zerg to constantly suffer from cellular degeneration and only her vast psionic regenerative aura allows her Zerg to survive the process.

* On first public beta release, only the Niadra's Brood subfaction is available to players

Subfaction Selection

Once you selected the Subfaction you want to play as, simply click on READY button at the bottom of the screen and wait for other players to do the same.

When all players are "READY", a countdown will begin.

Game Start Countdown

After the countdown the game will begin with your faction leader, 5 workers and your main building at your command to start expanding your army and defeating your enemies.

The Start of The Game

Other notable features in the first release: (the RTC release)
Unique Trait system: allowing regular units to grow in power and gain various bonuses by accomplishing feats of strength.
Currently, only 3 Traits are available: Orcslayer, Zergslayer and Humanslayer. With a lot more to come in coming releases.

Unique Food Supply system for Stromgarde Kingdom. Stromgardians have vastly superior military might, compared to other human nations, however, to maintain such a force, they need effective supply chain. Build stromgardian farms near Barracks or other unit training building, use the Supply Stromgardian Building ability of farms on other building and create a mighty army, worthy of the Arathor heritage!

More info to be added soon!

!!!Important note!!!

Please note, that this release is considered an alpha release for the whole project, hence, there are possible issues, bugs and unbalances. The main reason for the submission of the project is to show the potential of the project and general idea of the mod, it's direction, plans for future, etc.

Just a small Q/A:

Q: Okay, it's all great and cool, but how much do I need to wait to try it out?
A: No need to wait, you can already play it! Yup, the very first alpha version is out and you can play it here: Starcraft

(The link above workes insie StarCraft 2 Game Client. Simply past it in the client and the mod will automatically open. Alternatively, you can navigate to "Arcade" section of the game and search for "SCA: Rise of Strom" without quoting marks.

Q: How can I play this game?
A:Just download StarCraft 2: Starter Editon for free and start playing!:
The mod comes completely free, and you don't even need to own a SC2 copy to play! Free starter edition is enough!

Some in-game screenshots:

Warsong Clan meeting Stromgarde Kingdom in battle.

The battle begins: Niadra's Brood enter the fray...

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