Hello all. After SMG.com is down, i had found the last Version of the Old Steiners Unit Mod in Version 3.3 on my harddrive. it works fine with Win 7 64 but. i Don't know if it works on win 10

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killdivas says

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I'm glad to see this back online, because it really is an overlooked gem. SaU is one of the early content mods, similar in spirit to Absolute Enhancement/Absolute Corruption or the old z3r0x mods. The mod adds a ton of new units from the GCW era, and introduces a shipyard system similar to the one you see in Awakening of the Rebellion. There are some very large GC scenarios, including one of the classic "start with one planet" scenarios with 92 planets.

There are some drawbacks, however. Space maps are boring, and the ground maps are recycled across planets. Gameplay can get slightly repetitive compared to other mods of this type, but its still a lot of fun and has solid replay value. Not quite on the same level as Absolute Corruption or z3r0x, but a pretty darn solid content mod and one that's worth a look if you haven't run across it before. In some ways its like a prototype for Awakening of the Rebellion, but without the brutally hard AI.

If you like EaW FoC mods and you haven't given this golden oldie a spin, you are really missing out.

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