Hello Mowas2 Community, I want to add with this Project new Star Wars Maps for the fantastic Modification: Star Wars - Galaxy At War. Many of these Maps are inspired/remakes from Movies, Concept Arts or EA's Battlefront Maps. Demos (GEM2 Editor only) and Final Releases will be published here or on the Steam Workshop. This Mappack will be release in two Contentpacks. The first Pack will include eight Maps of the Planet Scarif. The another one will have more maps on other Planets. All Maps will have Missions, Reinforcement or other Features. :) Suggestions, Questions or Feedbacks are Welcome. Stay Turned for Updates and News. Sorry for my English I'm German.

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Hello Guys, this article informs you about the current Progress for the comming Mappack.

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After a Long break the time has come to continue my work on the a new Mappack for Galaxy at War.

The new Mappack will be released soon. ;)

Here is a short List of Maps, which will be come into the new Mappack:

  • Tatooine Farm Outpost (Finished)
  • Siege of Kamino (Finished)
  • Dagobah Secret Rebel Medicalbase (Finished)
  • Kuat Planetary Shipyard (Finished)
  • Naboo Grass Fields (Finished)
  • Battle of Kachirho (80% Finished)
  • Coruscant Streets (Planned)
  • Endor Fight for Freedom (Planned)
  • Geonosis Dawn (90% finished)
  • Battle on Hoth (90% finished)
  • Death Star Hangars (30% finished)
  • Felucia Confrontation (Finished)

All of These Maps will be usable in the GEM2 Editor only.

Next to of it all Scarif Maps will get a new Version with a few new additional Features :)

Here are some Screenshots of a few Maps for the new Mappack:



Map is finished and ready ;)

Map is finished and ready. ;)

Screenshot 22

More Maps and Mappacks are planned for the Future.

Stay tuned for Updates, News and for the new Mappack Release. ;)

Best regards


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