Currently being developed by Starside R&D, this is a Total Conversion mod for the game Star Wars: EaW Forces of Corruption from Petroglyph Studios. You decide who has the right to survive, the Terran Federation or the Arachnids and their allies, the Skinnies. It will include space & land skirmish and Galactic Conquest and is based on various aspects taken from the movie, animated TV series, and the original book. Command your Forces in the silence of space or the roar of the battlefield, be it the Terran Federation or the Arachnid/Skinny Alliance. Use old favorites as well as brand new units developed for this conflict.

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I'm going to be honest, I haven't done a thing lately on the mod. If Blamtroid hadn't finished a model he freelanced for me, I probably still wouldn't have messed with it.

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I'm going to be honest, I haven't done a thing lately on the mod. If Blamtroid hadn't finished a model he freelanced for me, I probably still wouldn't have messed with it.

Speaking of freelancing, I want to take a moment to thank some people.

Thanks to Blamtroid, who offered to do some freelance work for the mod using concept art and screen caps that I had. He's busy with his own mod and still had time to help a buddy out. To date he's made 2 ships for SST. The Alaska Heavy Cruiser and the new ship posted today. Still working on it's exact class and specific role but, like all of his work, it's a very cool looking ship. Thanks dude! :)

Thanks to Major Payne, who offered the use of some of his models in the early days of the mod. They would have fit in nicely as Federal ships, however, in the end, I decided not to use them, but only because I wanted all unique models. Still, as he has always done, his offer was appreciated.

Finally thanks to Lord X, who saw some of my bug work and thought a model he had made while learning 3dsmax might fit in with some minor changes. After seeing it, I agreed and with just a bit of tweaking, I had my 1st Arachnid hero, the "Queen's Wrath". Thanks!

Anyway, I've been busy with work, family, and other stuff. I might try and work on the mod this weekend. Hopefully!




dude dont worry mods are slow this time of the year anyways.

hmm y'know what i was thining about like just now. you once told me that zzander was a humies hero cus of the gender ratio for humies

but it occured to me that spcifically they say (in the book i beleive) that there is more female people in fleet

why not make the mega ship the sky marshals (cant spell) ship

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Rebelmoon Author

Well, the Sky Marshall's ship is the York as seen in SST 3 Marauder. It's a modified Athena. I'd have to drop the Shiloh. Which I could but that would make that type ship higher in the hierarchy than it is now. It would make it more powerful than the Ryuho Hero even though it's smaller. If I made it bigger I would have to increase the size of the basic Athena. It would upset several things. I'll consider some changes there, but no promises.

As far as gender, in the book fleet captains and crew are predominately female. In the movie, it doesn't specifically say but it shows at least 2 females as captains. The TV series shows at least one male captain. So I split it right down the middle. 2 hero captains are female, 2 are male.

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i get it (no i dont)

i like the ryuho how it is (seems to tunr around to often though) dont screw it up, i was just contemplating who should be the proper captain of it

had they made hte final four episodes of the seires i doubt this would be a problem

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