Multistar oriented, realistic stellar systems, Solar System map, infinite science, additional vessels, deeper strategical experience

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Sep 30 2010 Anchor

Planned changes:

  • hyperspace speedboost research chain, in sum there are 9 levels per 15% increase (basic: 60000 - interstar, 40000 - instar, in 2.1 version common hyperspace speed is 120000), one research to increase only interstar phase speed (3 levels per 5% by level.
  • research for Ocean planets colonization.
  • reworked music
  • fewer planet militia
  • Galaxy Forge (WON'T BE IN 2.2)
  • Ability for huge stars that increases max speed of vehicles in its gravity wells.

Ideas? :)

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Oct 1 2010 Anchor

Battles faster?

Oct 1 2010 Anchor

Sounds good to me, although, I do like the numbers of militia, means your forced to expand a bit more rather than turtling. Plus, their numbers can be used as a strategic advantage if their in the way of a jump point between an enemy and yourself.

The oceanic research sounds good, but perhaps also upgrades for other planet types for population too might be good, would make certain planet types more tacticly sound for keeping hold of than others.

Oct 1 2010 Anchor

Can-O-Worms wrote: Battles faster?

This should be provided by prevalence of weapon researches over defence upgrades

Oct 1 2010 Anchor


Would it be possible to make supply lines? Such as when you are researching thoes types of tech they could unlock supply ships that could help your fleet by giving more powerful attack, or faster speed? They would of course go back and forth from a ship to a planet or trade station? Almost like trade routes for fleets.

Nov 15 2010 Anchor

:) Good idea, but seems impossible.

Nov 15 2010 Anchor

I thought you might say that. :)

Jan 27 2011 Anchor

A new shipclass : Destroyer

Mar 29 2011 Anchor

Faster research! Or an upgrade with let's say 4 steps with each step giving 10 to 15% slower research time. Would be a total of maximum -60%.

Apr 2 2011 Anchor

Some new Planet-Typs like:

  • huge Space Stations (Like the Death Star without Superlaser)
  • Twin Planet (Two in one Gravity field)
  • Graveyards
  • an so on..

hope my ideas aren't too crazy..


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