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Nov 22 2011 Anchor

I think it would be fine if we get more races to Stars from other progects. Seems, the main stages are:

  • get a permission from authors
  • separate from a home-mod
  • resize (hulls, shields & particles if necessary)
  • adjust researches
  • balance

I don't intend to do such project by myself, so if someone desire to add a faction to Stars, I would be glad to assist :) . That would be a separate project so I won't impose anything, the author will ultimately decide how will it look like.

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Nov 24 2011 Anchor

I'd love to see the Replicators, Norlamins & Trade Alliance from Maelstrom, as well as Nephilim & Plague from Sins of the Fallen!
I don't think the Star Trek, and Star Gate Races would quite fit in, not that I don't enjoy them, they just seem to be in a different context.
I prefer the Titans as opposed to Maelstroms Dreadnaughts, altho they are very cool. Preferance to Titans because you have to research and produce them yourself, and they take up fleet points, whereas the Dreads are just continuously produced for free.
Love Maelstroms Stars and Planets, but again, STARS is my personal favorite stars/planets package, as they all seem to balance out the gameplay quite well, and are a bit more realistic.
Maybe make these races "stackable" in the Mod selection screen.... And definately keep the original STARS soundtrack as well!
Anyway, I have high hopes that the other authors will give permissions and support, as this is awesome concept: to think of Modders banding together to create even MORE epic gaming in SINS, Woo-Hoooo!!!

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Nov 25 2011 Anchor

Hello! As I understood You would like to establish the process?

AKICITA wrote: Maybe make these races "stackable" in the Mod selection screen...

Yes, I think that would be the best

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Dec 3 2011 Anchor

Hello Aplos!
To be honest, I wouldn't know how to "establish the process", as I am not a Modder.... Just an avid fan.
However, I'm really hoping to see this idea come to life! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Dec 4 2011 Anchor

AKICITA wrote: Hello Aplos!
To be honest, I wouldn't know how to "establish the process", as I am not a Modder.... Just an avid fan.
However, I'm really hoping to see this idea come to life! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Seems we need someone, who will do it ;)
Sins of the Fallen races easier to work with, as they already are separated.

Dec 23 2011 Anchor

when my race is finished i will let you use that if you would like

Jan 28 2012 Anchor

Well I am glad I came across this. Stars is by far one of the best finished scenery mods I have had the privilage of coming across. Although only a few things let me down.
1, planet sizes (hoped for a veriaty of sizes for the terran planets small, medium, large)
2, Titans (New models, not ones taken off of Eve-Online, as I saw an armageddon and myrmidon. If you were to use them why not the actual titans or dreadnoughts?)
3, Races;
I whole-heartedly agree with the above poster AKICITA about maybe getting concent to impliment replicators etc from Maelstrom.

Jan 31 2012 Anchor

What about having a race who focus more on structures than fleets for attacking. E.g a starbase that can be upgraded to have phase jump abilities. Their regular ships use a lot of fleet capacity whilst being generally weak. SO you could move starbases into position to attack planets whilst also getting other ships to build defense structures around it to take on planets. They would be very weak early game but late game they become a force to be reckoned with.

Mar 4 2012 Anchor

I have about 6 races in mind that could either override the stock or add to them but their only ideas about the races no actual usable things as I have no modding talents. Each are completely or mostly completely through the idea process. If you want more specifics for them PM me I don't want people to steal my ideas.

Apr 29 2012 Anchor

Does any one know how to combine stars 2.522 with the other mod named sins of the fallen r5 baked??

Stars its realy good, but it lacks the other races that are in sins of the fallen..

Can any one merge the two? or have any idea on how it should be done ????

This will really benefit us all :))) hope to hear asap

Sep 18 2012 Anchor

I love the stars mod, if you were taking suggestions for add-ons to the game I have a few that might spark ya interest,

1. New faction of course but that seems like its time consuming. So this really don't matter.

2. Heroes/Leaders, ok now this might be possible: heroes are like Artifacts(hard to find are good when found) The heroes would focus on military boosts for example: Vincent V. Gehart, Rank:Captian(also they should level up like Caps) Aura effects: All units Heal +10(+2) per sec, Armor +2(+.5), Attack +2 (+.5). also all heros aura are always on but area is limited. Now the Leaders are the Game Changers: Queen Teralith Ability: All Terran Planets research is 15% Cheaper, All other planets Alliances are 10% lower. Now to keep things more fun heroes are attach to their home planet not the players so if the heroes planet is token over then u lose that hero. Leaders are available from the start there should be at least 8 leaders per race each has it own ability, the cool down time and cost should be high. also hero attach to any ship similar to the engine upgrade thing but only 1 ship in hero's planet gravity well, and the hero is allied to the owner of his planet so hero's race isn't a issue.

now the limits are this.

Heroes: no limit
Leaders: Only 1 can be active

heroes Abilities: this should vary per hero race but each race has a base ability
TEC: Missiles and armor
Advent: Shields and Beams
(....)forgot name: Phase missiles and Health

Leaders Abilities: the leaders should be game changer
[Imperialist] all units do 50% more damage and 25% more armor but they cost 30% more
[Gaia Birth Right] all Terran planets pop increase by 100 Desert planets pop Decrease by 100
[Visionary] All research is 10% cheaper.
[Pirate king] No pirates will attack but all ships/buildings do 25% less damage
[Black Guard] Star bases are 20% stronger but cant move
[Iron Fist] all planets build 15% faster but allegiance cap is 15% lower

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