Development is suspended. Разработка приостоновлена. English Description: StarKiller it's multi-genre game project (RTS, Arcade, RPG, Racing) with many parody elements for console and PC games (StarCraft, Mortal Kombat, Pacmen and etc.) and movies (Final Fantasy 7, Matrix and etc.). Русскоязычное описание: СтарКиллер (ЗергКиллер) это мульти-жанровый проект (РПГ, Аркада, РПГ, Гонки) с множеством пародийных элементов на различные консольные и компьютерные игры (СтарКрафт, Мортал Комбат, Пакмен и тд), а так же на фильмы (Последняя Фантазия 7, Матрица и тд). PS: Ну, естественно, в основу всего этого лег преимущественно Старик, но об этом тсссс =) Game version required to play...

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StarKiller Demo v0.9.1 released


In demo allow custom game mode and some playable race: - Dominion (Terran) CPU have A.I. - Avengers (ProtoZerg Hybrids) Without A.I. - Protoss as bonus...

New StarKiller Video Trailer

New StarKiller Video Trailer

News 6 comments

Video trailer consist of many battle scenes, many units and many-many blood, meat and explosions ;) You can see Terran, Protoss, Zerg, Duran Hybrids and...

Video trailers

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Demo of all game modes (april 2005): Click here to Download Demo of Killer mode (october 2004): Click here to Download

Mods of 2004

Mods of 2004

Feature 75 comments

After 2 months, 8 thousand votes and 1.4 million mod profile visitors, the 2004 Golden Spanner Mod of the Year Awards have been decided, by you the visitors...

StarCraft XV "Terran Demo" RELEASED

News 30 comments

"Terran Demo" Beta LAN v0.1 HAS BEEN RELEASED > You need for normal play: - StarCraft: Xel'naga Vengeance Beta LAN v0.1 - StarCraft: Xel'naga...

StarCraft XV Inside - Zero Hour mini-mod

News 22 comments

Modification for CnC: Generals Zero Hour which brings in game: 4 new units: Terran Marine, Protoss Zealot, Zerg Zergling, Xel'naga Chaos. 5 new abilityes...

Terran Demo Video

News 13 comments

Download link: Duration: 1 min 38 sec Size: 10,5 MB Forma: DivX:) MPEG-4 Fast motion

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