On The StargateTC mod, you can choose your team, goa'uld or tau'ri and the class of your character, which will have an influence on the weapons made available to you. You will then have to complete different objectives or to prevent the other team from reaching their goals. Although Now There Are Other Game Modes Avalible, Such As Ticketmode. In our Mod, you will be plunged in the Stargate universe, with the 'gate the iris, the goa'uld, SG-1, etc... Everything has been done to plunge you in the world of this wonderful TV show. The Multiplayer version Beta 1.1 is released and Beta 1.2 will be avalible soon. No singleplayer version of the game has yet been released, but the work is making good progress.

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A new gate for StargateTC


Well, ladies and gentlemen, in the previous news, we implied the fact that there could be a surprise during the next weeks. However, you are lucky guys...

** Release approaching **

News 1 comment

Bonjour à toute la communauté, Eh non, malgré le titre de la news, StargateTC 1.0 ne sort pas aujourd'hui... Je vois d'ici les têtes dégoutées...

Solo & Multi news


Hey everyone, Today is a very special news about both solo and multi. New info but also new pics, just for the pleasure of our eyes! Multiplayer : Let's...

Recruitment Of StargateTC


Due to the partnership with the Terrorist Revenge Dev-Team, StargateTC launches a new recruit period. Actually, this 2 years old mod needs fresh blood...

StargateTC News

News 1 comment

Today is a bad news with a good ending. Some lil funny guys thought they could feed upon SGTC. Many stuff were stolen, such as weapons, characters models...

StargateTC beta 1.2 released !

News 3 comments

** STARGATETC BETA 1.2 ** Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3 Mirror 4 ( some more links will be avaible at a later time from here ) Some if the SGTC 1.2 changes...

**Solo News**


Hello there ! We apologize, because there was no News of Multi last Week ... ------ So, work is delayed because we must work in highschool. Fortunately...

**News Solo**


What's hot this week? Unfortunately, not so much...: ------- We are still recruiting : - 1 mapper for the solo - 1 modeler/animator for chars and...

**News Multi**


From now on, we will post news each week about the mod. Soooo : ------------------------------------------ / ! \/ ! \/ ! \/ ! \/ ...

**Multi News** 09/05/04


For starters, there are 3 new weapons. The PSG-1, the MP5 and the Death Glider Staff. Soon The Screenshot Section Will be Updated To Add These New Screens...

Stargate Multiplayer News

News 1 comment

Whats News this Week in Multiplayer ? A new week begins with this News For beginning , 3 new models: The most imortant ATM is the modeling for Multi (for...

StargateTC : work on...


I will make this simple and fast. I'll begin with the bad news: 1.2 won't be online for sometime. We practically made it halfway there but you'll have...

StarGateTC News


** News Multi ** 1.2 inst ever hier ,you must wait one month , maybe 2 before release We're also looking for playermodelers to redo our characters and...

StarGateTC Monday's News

News 1 comment

After a meeting in the team, we see we must make something for Team/fans communication, That's we take to post every mondays a news to speak about mod...

Sgtc Team


There will soon be a complete restructuration of both the singleplayer and multiplayer teams. After having decided what was to be done, we are currently...

StargateTC: Beta1 !

News 10 comments

StargateTC Beta1: The new version! StargateTC Beta1 comes today, happpy! The new versoin contain new code, maps, sounds, models, sprite, Stargate...You...

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