-New graphic, attacks and stats for unit and buildings (Units Progress )
-changed mineral, gas and supply icons
-New minerals:
-Yellow Mineral: gives +7 mineral
-Red Mineral:gives +3 mineral
-Blue Mineral:gives +5 mineral
-New Pickup Items: gives +100 mineral or gas
-Rally points can be placed on minerals or extractor/refinery/assimilator to make workers automatically start harvesting resources when created.
-Added icons, wireframes and descriptions for passive skills.
-Changed some visuals and sounds.
-new Custom play Game type: FFA no cheats, FFA 10000 ore

-And more...

-Terrans have Tech Labs (allows to build advanced units) and Reactors (reduce build time for basic units) that can be switched between Barrack, Factory and Starport.
-Salvage ability for Bunkers: return 75 minerals.
-Command center can transform into Planetary Fortress or Orbital Command
-Extra Supplies ability for Orbital Command : add 4 to supply limit.
-Supply depot can burrow without cloack
-Viking can Transform (Air and Ground Mode)
-Orbital Comand can create Mule into Rally point/can transform a scv into mule for 30 seconds
-Mule can carry 20 mineral

-Auto Turret: created by ability have 120 sec of life
-Seeker missile: missile that deal up to 100 area damage

-Auto turret creates in editor no have time
-Ghost :
-Snipe: 55 dmg ignore armor. Can only target organic units.
-EMP ShockWave

-250mm Strike Cannons
-Concussive Shells: unit hit by the marauder are temporarily slowed

-New psi field
-2 High or Dark templar can morph into Archon
-Immortal Hardered Shield: Reduce Great Damages to 10

-Chrono Boost ability for Nexus (Target building research upgrades or train units 50% faster for 40 seconds)

-masive recall
-cloaking field
-Guardian Shield: a range defensive aura that reduces incoming damage to friendly units by 2. Lasts 13 seconds.
-Force Field

-Stalker Blink: teleport to select position in a range, if select position is more than range, teleport to max range in select direction


-Overload ability: a radial attack, increase rate of fire but cannot move and gets disabled for a while.
-Gravitation: Makes the target unit float in the air, disabling its abilities. Effect lasts up to 10

-Void Ray:

-Prismatic Beam: The void ray's damage output increase the longer the voidray remains on a single target


-Spore Colony and Sunken Colony can morph in each other.
-Roach Burrowed regenerate 3 times faster.
-Roach Burrowed can move, but cant attack
-overlord morph into overseer
-creep tumor can spawn additional creep tumor
-Brood Lord attack spawn brood lings

-Zerg Queen:
-Transfuse ability for queen: gives +125 life
-spawn larva: create a big egg in the hatchery that transform in 4 larvas
-can create Creep Tumor

-zergling can morph into baneling
-Baneling Spell: Suicide, Very effective against groups of small units.
-Baneling mine: Can Explodes Burrow

-Mind control: take control of a enemy unit, can use only one time for infestor
-Fungal Growth: slow target units and cause 36 damage over 4 seconds, reveal cloaked and burrowed unit
-Spawn 2 infested terran for 30 sec
-Burrow move

-Contaminate: The target structure will be unable to train unit or research upgrades for 30 seconds

-The mod only works with Broodwar version 1.16.1 (you can get the patch in the official stacraft site)
-Playing with cheats (operation cwal, medieval man) make some upgrades and units to not work correctly )

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starcraft 1.99 mod (viking legs, banshee wings, stalker legs)


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Paint shop pro
Retro Grp


Deep Throat

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Guest - - 699,350 comments

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WSAD08 - - 4 comments

hope the mod release, but it's just like unreachable dream

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Guest - - 699,350 comments

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Spartangamer2 - - 2 comments

que siga el mod por favor que no muera animo :D

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OmegaGamerCat - - 23 comments

Cuando sacan la versión completa de la moda, hace mucho espero y me pregunto continúa el trabajo por él

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Guest - - 699,350 comments

You never fixed the tech lab

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crix3 - - 11 comments

the modd is dead?

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Runne23 - - 4 comments

donde se puede descargar?

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