Return of the Shadows is a mod taking place in an alternate timeline, set after the events of the Imperial Civil War. The Imperial Remnant and the New Republic have signed peace and formed the Galactic Alliance, uniting the majority of the galaxy under a single banner. Corellian Engineering Corporation, Kuat Drive Yards and Mon Calamari Shipyards have been given the task of designing a new line of modern warships while the former Imperial Task Forces are hunting down the remnants of the Black Sun Pirates and the Hut Cartel. However, when an ancient alien race invades the galaxy Yuuzhan Vong style, the entire galaxy is thrown into peril once again. The majority of the galaxy has fallen within seven days and the Galactic Alliance has been pushed back to the south of the galaxy, now ruling from Geonosis. Imperial Extremists travel to Dathomir and establish a new Galactic Empire: The Tyranny. The galaxy is thrown into war once again.

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Dear community, or what is left of it... it's been a while since I last posted anything on our mod page. I would like to offer my apologies for not keeping everyone up to date with what has been going on.

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Dear community, or what is left of it... it's been a while since I last posted anything on our mod page. I would like to offer my apologies for not keeping everyone up to date with what has been going on.

Regarding the mod, I have good news and bad news.

Let us start with the bad news, so that we can build up towards a climax, shall we?
The past months have had quite an impact on my life, I had to drop out of school because of reasons (I'll be enrolling into a different school so I won't end up on the street or anything.) and over the summer I worked a full time job. Due to this, I had two hours of free time in the evening if I was lucky, so I had rather spent those hours relaxing and taking a step back from modding and all. Therefore, there has barely been any progress since the last update, and for that I offer my sincere apologies.

During the past weeks, my old laptop finally had its last breath and it took most of my assets along with it. The only thing left is an early alpha build that I had sent to a friend of mine, more on that later.

Now, for the good news:

I bought a new laptop from my savings, one that is much more high-end than the one I had before (It runs Homeworld and Sins of a Solar Empire flawlessly on max settings :D). Because of this, I have much better access to high end software that would've been too taxing on my previous laptop.

Is this mod dead?

Yes and no. It is unlikely that I will continue with this project in particular, but I might reboot Return To The Shadows on a game that would be more suitable for what I am planning to achieve.

What projects can we expect in the future?

I will most likely attempt to pick up modding for Sins of a Solar Empire or Homeworld: Remastered. I have several potential mods in mind, but more on that when I have an idea of how plausible said ideas would be.

When can we expect to see new content?

This is something that I can't answer yet. It depends on how my next education is going to work out and how taxing it will be on my personal life.

Can I finish this project for you?

It depends. I am not comfortable with handing over the mod to someone who doesn't know my alternate universe as I do. But perhaps we can work something out.

With all this said, there is one final thing that I would like to talk about.

When I first started modding back when I was 14 (Jeez that's 6 years already... time flies.), I made both friends and enemies on the community. Through the years, I only stayed in touch with a few of those people sadly, and more sadly, since yesterday... it's one less person I'm still in touch with. My colleague, friend and dedicated member of the Moddb community, mikey1871 sadly took his life yesterday. I was truly shocked by this news and a lot of people have been moved by the past hours. To honor his passing, and to have a proper 'goodbye' to him from the community, I would like to ask you all, members and modders alike, to share the photo that will be posted later on my Moddb pages probably a day after this post has been authorized. Already many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

In loving memory of Mikhail Croitor.


Seriously disappointed with this turn of event megavin. For starters it seems every project you start yourself never gets finished. This seems to be turning into a nasty habit of yours. Firstly, it was Eras of War (good concept but poorly executed), then Earth at War (again a good concept but failed to go anywhere (and lets not go into the "demo" that you released shall we)), and now this.

Okay so this seems very critical of me, but speaking from my own personal experience, I'm beginning to think you have ideas, which in theory are relatively good but when you come to execute them they fall flat. You do realise that faith in a modders abilities can take a serious turn for the worst when they fail to achieve even a snippet of an actual completed/semi-completed mod.

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