Return of the Shadows is a mod taking place in an alternate timeline, set after the events of the Imperial Civil War. The Imperial Remnant and the New Republic have signed peace and formed the Galactic Alliance, uniting the majority of the galaxy under a single banner. Corellian Engineering Corporation, Kuat Drive Yards and Mon Calamari Shipyards have been given the task of designing a new line of modern warships while the former Imperial Task Forces are hunting down the remnants of the Black Sun Pirates and the Hut Cartel. However, when an ancient alien race invades the galaxy Yuuzhan Vong style, the entire galaxy is thrown into peril once again. The majority of the galaxy has fallen within seven days and the Galactic Alliance has been pushed back to the south of the galaxy, now ruling from Geonosis. Imperial Extremists travel to Dathomir and establish a new Galactic Empire: The Tyranny. The galaxy is thrown into war once again.

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