A Star Wars mod for the great game "Nexus The Jupiter Incident" i intend to add ships from all eras, create great battles from star wars history and make history with some of my own and i also want to create a star wars feel to the mod.

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Beatty says

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Amazing textures, the detail is out standing, and the random missions is some what better then having the ability to pick your own.

Only lacking is fighters/bombers, as well as a few minor bugs, but everything that is wrong was stated, so full props, 10/10. Awesome work.

I believe the ONLY problem is that it's a really big file to download. But its WAY worth doing it anyway.

Great Mod! 10 points when it's finally finished but till then 8 just to motivate justaman! ... sry.. just kidding u get full score!


jk1722 says

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Great models! I love the Mandalorian ships, as well as the Star Forge mission.


The ships are awesome, the amount of work done in modeling and texturing is amazing. the maps were quite nice though the thing that I found lacking was any real difference between the ships. They all have the same weapons, heavy turbolasers, its esentially different skins with the same weapon and more HP than the other. Another thing was shields, if they were not going to provide this then at least lower the damage that they make, battles take less than 3min, all you have to do is get the ships near and wait to see who wins. There is also a lack of bombers and fighters and a little variety of weapons would help, I feel helpless just telling the ship to go foward and waiting it to destroy a Venator in a minute. Has a lot of potential, if these things would be adressed it would be epic, for now just hoping for some updates. Sadly would not recommend in its current state.

This game is very good . The Universe of star wars is good respected and the ships is very beautiful


Oustanding mod, Works in ways no other mod will, has a working campain *unlike alot of mods* hope it keeps on a ticken :D

its a great mod full of spaceship from the hammerhead ships to the imperial ssd if you love star wars this mod is perfect for you and even if you are not a fan you will enjoy this mod


isz2 says

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ist cool :p

next time ask more people to do the beta testing and more info

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