hi everybody and welcome to Earth at war. This mod this mod is based of a massive war between the intergalactic empire, the Earth alliance and the Black hole pirates. The music is already done right now and we're now doing the modelling and the coding, however, we still need a rigger and a skinner and an additional modeller or coder would be welcome too.

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Hey people and welcome again to weekly update 8, this week I'll discuss the weapon list. Next week I'll discuss the structure list.

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Hey people and welcome again to weekly update 8, this week I'll discuss the weapon list. Next week I'll discuss the structure list.

In this mod each faction will have their own custum set of weapons, the basic weapons that all factions use in space are:
Laser canon
Ion canon
Concussion missile
Diamond Boron missile
Proton torpedo

The Earth alliance weapons in space are:
Anti aircraft canon (Anti fighter duty)
Heavy ion canon
Phasor (Star trek)
Quantum torpedos (star trek)
Nuke (Heavy weapon that does heavy damage, only usable from the Viscount of death. If it is in orbit you can fire a nuke on the planet)
Solid shot canon
Heavy anti armor canon
cluster bombs
cluster missiles (many small missiles that can do great effect against shielded units)

The intergalactic empire weapons in space are:
Heavy turbo laser
Hypervelocicty canon
Axial superlaser (Superlaser used on the Eclipse,sovereign and the Death star)
Tractor beam
Proton beam
Flak canon

The Black hole pirate waepons in space are:
Plasma canon
Disruptor canon (heavy weapon that goes through armor and flesh)
Plasma mortar
Disruptor torpedos
Mass drivers
Black hole generator (Creates a black hole sucking and destroying ships inside it, also your ships are effected)
Infaction canon (Infacts ships making them suffer damage overtime, your ships are also effected only usable once per battle in skirmish unlimited)
Beam canon
Darkness canon (A strong beam canon, if it hits an enemy ship it'll dissapear in darkness)
Beam of doom (Super laser on the Hallow Bastion battleplatform, destroys enemy ships within 1 single shot and can make a planet a dangerous lava planet with no live possible)
Point defense laser
Cloaking generator

Land basic weapons:
Laser canon
Turbo laser
Proton torpedoes

Earth alliance land weapons:
Anti tank canon
Anti air canon
Nuke (Super strong bomb doing massive damage)
Ion canon

Intergalactic empire land weapons:
Energy bolts
Flak canon
Light hyper velocity canon
Flame thrower
Jet pack
Repulsor jammer (Additional weapon on the TIE Lancet, preventing a repulsorlift vehicle from moving for a number of seconds)
Light proton beam

Black hole pirates land weapons:
Plasma canon
Plasma grenade
Mass driver
Infection canon (Infects infantry units on the field making them suffer damage over time, also your units are effected)
Heat seeking suicide droid (Small droids chasing their prey and explode on impact, alone they do little effect but in great numbers they are quite devestating)
Glowing sword (The ultimate melee weapon, even stronger then a lightsaber, and because its light weight it's easy to use)
Beam canon

Well this was the Weapon list, I hope you like it, next week is gonna be the structure list.




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I think some weapons really need a name change.
Like beam of doom
Energy bolt can be something energy blasts.
the darkness cannon can be (IF theirs only one) it can be like the Cloaking shot,)
Infection shot in space shpould make the effect of IG88's corupt sustems, as the infection runs through the crew making them sneeze and cough and hit acidental buttons.

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megavin123 Author

Okay I'll think of it

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