Did you ever wanted to be a Soldier of the Great Clone Army of the Galactic Republic. Now you can...

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Here you can see the long awaited release trailer, a current buglist and the creditlist.

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This will be the final article before the release of the Clone Wars Era Mod.

Before I speak about the mod: This trailer took me almost 2 hours to upload to Youtube. That said about my great internet connection. And now since the mod is 1.4 GB large, I will upload the whole file over the night and release it around 12 AM CET.

I made this mod entirely by myself, but I couldn't have managed that without the help of great people from Gametoast. I learned a lot from this website and if you consider modding SWBFII yourself, I highly recommend checking it out. I put a lot of effort into this mod and tried to give you the best experience as possible. But without some player models, weapon models or even skins of other people it wouldn't have been possible. So here's a list of credits of all the people I used assets from or got help (the credits are in a random order):

Alliance Needler Carbine - RogueKnight
Republic Weapon Links - AQT
DC-15 Side Arm Blaster - CodaRez
Plasma Grenade Effect - computergeek, tsurugi13
Toxic Grenade Effect - JimmyAngeler
MagnaStaff - DarthD.U.C.K.
DC-17 Pistols,
FPM Dual DC-17 Pistol Model - kinetusimpetus
Naboo Queen Pistol - THEWULFMAN
T-21 - THEWULFMAN, Darth.Duck
IG-88 Rifle and further weapons - sereja2
Asajj Ventress, Neyo, OOM Droid - AceMastermind
41st Clone Scouts - DarthD.U.C.K.
BX-1 Droid Commando - kinetusimpetus
several Clone Commander - Deviss
several weapons - Deviss, RogueKnight
several Clone Trooper Models
from the reloaded clones pack - Icemember, Deviss
and clone trooper beta models - Icemember
Plo Koon - MandeRek
further Heroes/Villains - Conversion Pack
Clone Commandos - Nedarb7
Senate Commando - Labj
Trooper skin base - CommanderKeller
IG-88 - Battlefront 123 Source Files
Kashyyyk Scout Trooper - Deviss, Ravensoftware, Icemember
Floating Weapon Fix - FragMe!
Commander Faie - Neomarz, Icemember
For help, support and assets - Gametoast

I'm sorry if I forgot someone.

I already told you that I will make future updates and patches to further enhance the mod and its performance/compatibility and whatsoever. So to deliver you the mod as soon as possible, I considered working on some minor bugs in the future. After all, this is v1.0 of a modification and therefore entitled to have a few bugs ;) But to give you an overview, here's a list of bugs still in game:

- There's a problem with the weapons of the Queen of Naboo. - There are a few sound problems on maps with multiple eras (Alliance, Republic, CIS)
- There are a few sound effects missing on Felucia and Kashyyyk - The mod affects Galactic Conquest but is not set up for it yet - It is possible that there are some balance issues

The bugs listed above are minor blemishes and do not affect the gameplay/immersion ;) in any way. About the balance issues: I will upload further news articles even after the release of the mod and I look forward to integrate your feedback/comments/criticism. I think that's enough advanced release information. Thank you very much for the great support!


Release tomorrow 09/06/2016 around 12 AM CET


Looks awesome. Cannot wait!

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Hardly stand waiting to see the release of this mod! this should give one full month just playing
Thanks for everything Benoz !

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