This is the Clone Wars version from the Alliance mod where you can play with the Republic and CIS. Play skirmiss battles, galactic conflict or a campaign with new missions.

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amazing mod, love the the work done on the mod the unit selection is great and love that their planet selection is huge.

This is a great mod but many pbs stiil, like an AI way too difficult especially in skirmish, and if I had to grade the creator of this mod it would be 1/10 for his wonderful comprehension towards others and open mindedness...

This is really awesome, good unit, very smart mod


Let's start with the English. Or rather the lack of it.
Yes, this is a Spanish language mod, one where they thought it'd be a good idea to completely rape, butcher, and then rape the corpse of what was once the English language.

Let me give some examples.

"Control has happend to *insert name of faction to *insert name of faction*"

Every asteroid field, and The Maw now have their Spanish counterparts (forgive for not memorizing the names)

Let's not even begin with unit names and descriptions. Most are either half-done and stop somewhere mid sentence, or they're missing.

Now to move on to gameplay.

It'll crash on anything else than the intel integrated video card, so let's just forget about playing a smooth game with decent graphics.

It WILL crash every 15 - 30 minutes.

9 out of 10 times the installer is corrupt.

Of course, it's not all bad,

It's a good mod idea, the units look very nice and they even added a whole new semi-destructible environment.

The planets have been upgraded as well, now it feels as if you're truly fighting OVER a planet, not just near it.

The weapon effects look very nice and the ship models where done expertly as well.

Every unit is up to scale, (so a Venator is FAR smaller than a Dreadnought)

the heroes are OP, but not too OP, and are still fun to play as or against. No longer will you be able to conquer the whole galaxy with your hero units only.

So in the end I'm gonna go ahead and give this mod a 6.

If they patch it with proper English and fix some of the bugs I might give this a 9 or even a full 10/10.

Really good mod, but it has balance issues the Separatists are really overpowered compared to the Republic.

A mod with a lot of potential.
Please keep up your good job and i will increase the rating to 10.

Well done keep it up


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