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Homeworld 2 meets Star Trek: Armada 2. Set in over all four Star Trek eras you will find three superbly balanced factions to face off against one another, the Alpha Quadrant superpowers! The versatile United Federation of Planets, the formidable Klingon Defence Force and the enigmatic Romulan Star Empire.

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A serious bug in the research tree has been found and resolved, get the hotfix now! Also our first TMP era flagship...

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G'day Moddb community!

We have been listening to your feedback from our second release and hard at work finding the cause of issues raised. Two members of the community have provided excellent feedback which has helped us identify a couple of bugs that we felt were serious enough to deserve a patch.

We would like to thank Temeter and xzeroxcoldx for their efforts in helping us to improve the mod for everyone! :D

Please find below a link to download the hotfix, it will detect your Star Trek: Continuum - Release β install and patch the files for you.

Star Trek: Continuum - Release BETA - HotFix

And now, because I always like to have a few images with a news post, here's some images!

Facing the barrage

This is an image I took in an Invasion match facing off against a wave of bombers, the D'deridex did pretty well actually, there were a few ships behind it! What won the wave was me having the D'deridex fly through the swarm of bombers, crushing them against its shields!

IKS Negh'Var

Here I was taking a new image for the patch installer, but I felt that this image showed off the bump mapping so well that I would share it with you all here!

Enterprise B

This is proof that we have started on the TMP era ships! The B'rel and K'T'inga were of course already done and hold the honour of the first TMP ships in the mod, but the Enterprise B is a symbol of all the new content to come!

Don't forget that you will need release Beta before you can apply the hotfix!

Star Trek: Continuum - Release BETA

Beta testing will be done differently next time. We would like to use those people that have helped us the most in finding bugs in the latest release.

Temeter and xzeroxcoldx : Can we count on you to be an official beta tester for us in the future?

Future interested beta tester candidates:

The beta tester will be required to find legitimate bugs. If no bugs are found then they are removed from any future testing (don't worry. There will always be something to fix).

If a tester goes above and beyond, shows his or her worthiness, and helps the team dramatically then (with your consent) you be added to the mod team roster with an official team title. You will also receive access to the development files and team forum. You won't be able to upload game files but you will be able to download game versions as we develop them. This will hold some responsibility. You will be required to follow team procedures and rules. You will also be required to do your job on an ongoing basis; looking for bugs and errors or just making suggestions to improve the game play and or appearance. You will be able to take part in developing and shaping the evolution of this Mod. We don't need play-testers, we need bug-hunters!

All the best! Keep the feedback and reviews of your old reviews coming! :D

Continuum Corp.


Thanks guys :) I would absolutely love to be a beta tester.

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Totally second that^^

I'd like to help for sure. Only thing, i probably won't be very helpful at online testing since i usually play offline. Might be worth a try, though.

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Temeter, if you'd like to play some games online with me just let me know. I've only played a few games so far, so I'm certainly no expert.

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nice, pm'ed you

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herbyguitar Creator

[Online Play]
I'm no pro at on line play either. Almost all of my playing is with the AI.

I'm thrilled to hear that you two have the time to help us. It's very embarrassing for us to have several testers test release BETA and then find major bugs 2 days later.

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I'm glad to help :)

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Hay sarg is this a stand up fight or another "bug hunt" :P guess the movie n win an internet point

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