Oblivion Lost 2010 wants to become the essence of STALKER modding; a little big monument to this wonderful videogame and to the best two mods ever made for it: Oblivion Lost and Arsenal Mod. During my hard work I'll try to reach perfection in these three things: innovation, quality and stability (IQS). These are fundamentals for creating new and original works.

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I was really looking forward to this even though i was sceptical from day one since this mod includes so many new items it is almost certain they cannot be of high quality unless the mod will be released in 2020.

So after downloading the mod in more than an hour work and 10 mirrors to handle I set my first step into the zone that is now full of flowers...for whatever reason. I donĀ“t see the need for that at all and it messed with the atmosphere quite a bit.

Also i had to adjust head bobbing in the user-files because I was close to have a second meeting with my breakfast on my desk from all the strange movement going on.
After getting shot at a couple of times in the Cordon-scrapyard and spamming bandages to tape my body together and finally being able to aim properly with the weapon after my adjustments I was kind of ok with the medium quality weapon sounds and animations. The damage dealt, however, got on my nerves pretty quickly. Making sidearms more powerful is a good thing but spraying around with an MP5 and actually killing everything in a second with a ridiculously exaggerated amount of blood flying around (reminded me of the scene in the movie "Carrie" where it rains a bucket of pigblood down on her) is nothing I want to see in a game.

After I came back to the Rookie-camp from Wulfs mission and found EVERYONE except for two guys dead there along side of a few militaries I looted them and finally got enough money together to get my hands on a Kar98 (chambered in 7.62R) and forgot about the things i just had to experience I went off to the bridge and garbage where the 1 shot 1 kill "fun" continued until I almost fell asleep.

To prevent that from happening I turned on iTunes and listened to the Rolling Stones. As I came to the Garbage and looted my first victims who all had 20 rounds of different types of ammo on them for no apparent reason I listened to "Gimme shelter" and i found shelter...by quitting the game without comming back.

Excellent mega-mod, easily the all-around best for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl without changing the campaign. Many much needed fixes are included, and the addition of vehicles, old mutants, sleep function, and much more are wonderful. If you're playing Shadow of Chernobyl for the first time, feel free to get this mod. If you've beaten the game already, this mod will probably draw you back for a second run-through.

Comparing this mod to SoC Complete is inevitable. Oblivion Lost adds more needed features, though doesn't redo shaders and the road textures aren't as good. Overall it isn't as pretty, though the skyboxes are superior and some of the best out there. However this mod is compatible with other mods' shaders. Take the shader folder from STALKERSOUP (preferred) or Complete 2009 and drop it into your Oblivion Lost gamedata folder. The result is possibly the best looking S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game.

Although I have much praise for this mod, it isn't perfect. Carrying capacity increased to 80 kg? Why on earth? No man can sprint with that much weight with such stamina. This is an easy fix at least. Beware that this mod disables headbob. Most people like this, but for the sake of realism I don't. I don't have many complaints though. Realistic weapon stats would be nice, but its easy to do this yourself.


Fantastic mod, makes the ageing game interesting and fun again. Ive followed the string of Oblivion lost's for quite some time now, and each release adds more content, more graphics and Tons more hours of fun! I will always recommend the OL series to anyone who still has Stalker Shoc knocking about!
Great job Kyuzo and co!


Easily the most fun with Stalker-SHOC I've ever had. Looking forward to 2011!




great job!! better than SMP!!

Nice mod...

great mod until your save files dont work

Plenty of enjoyable and great additions to the base game. had a lot of fun with it. The features list kinda speaks for itself. Definitely not obsolete thou.


Runs perfectly never have had a problem with it. Never crashed for me ever.

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