Vanilla S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:Call Of Pripyat with 2K textures, HQ ambient sounds, realistic weapon damage, more difficult AI etc. No bugs, no permanent crashes!

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qqq31 says

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Its too difficult man. You can barelly play the game like this. You need to rethink your aproach with this, as it is its just an excercise in frustration and constant reloads. There needs to be some sense in the difficulty and above all else, playability should always come first.


i gonna give it a try, really appreciate your hard work.. thanks

Pretty hardcore mod but seem good just give it a try guys

It's a 4 only based on graphical changes.

If our weapons have increased damage then why does it take a full clip to kill one bloodsucker and 1/2 a clip to kill a single snork then we go into pistoling mutant boars/pigs - it took me 150 rounds to kill about 7 close range.

It also seems like headshot damage for mutants is ignored.

1 hit results in your armor disappearing.

This mod seems like it would only work if you had all your end-game gear at the beginning.

Weapon accuracy is thrown out the window while enemies are now more accurate. This means the risk of you getting shot down half way across the map with you not being able to do anything about it, is very large.

Mutants have too much health. Most of the mutants' damage is okay because that means you have to think before you engage them. The Tushkano deals too much damage.

The SUSAT scope is misaligned and won't properly work on any gun.

The LR-300 is using the inventory icon of an M4A1.


Habub says

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I've reinstalled CoP to have a new experience with a new Mod, but keeping the Main Story Vanilla. So this mod was really interesting for me.

I rate it a solid 8/10. The visuals are really nice, and the game is still very smooth to run on my pc. Frame Drops after some time of gameplay are due to the X-Ray Engine. A restart here should help.

Spoilers ahead:

But the game is too difficult now, to be honest. I'm now at Pripyat, and it is frustrating, not being able to survive the monolith attack without loosing all the other soldiers.

The whole play is very difficult, as one shot is nearly killing you and even snorks are such an incredible enemy.

Overall good mod, nice visuals, tweaky gameplay, good stability. Stay cheeki breeki.

awesome visuals man


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