This is a (skirmish) mod created with the intention to bring the feeling of the Lord of the Rings & Hobbit movies into the old RTS game Battle for Middle Earth II, and add "realism" through new models and severe re-balancing of the entire game! BETA 4.5 was released in Nov 2007. New version, "Director's Cut" is under development... ///Nazgûl of The 3rd Age Forums

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After a long period of absence, the SEE mod has returned! Read the preview to discover all about the new Evil Men faction.

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Due to some recent troubles involving our main coder disappearing, progress on the mod has been non-existent in the last couple of months. Now that he has returned to help us out we’ve started working on the mod again, and the progress is going fast. In our upcoming beta (we skipped 4.6 due to our problems) 4.7 we’ve got a major new expansion of the content in our mod: the race of the Evil Men (name pending) will be added! This faction will include Harad, Rhûn and Khand, and will use an all-new set of buildings and units. A first version will be available in the upcoming beta but we’ll improve them even further in the next betas. Check out the preview below.

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- Rhûn Fortress Keep
- Rhûn Walls
- Rhûn Battle Tower
- Rhûn Barracks
- Rhûn Stables
- Rhûn Siege Hall
- Rhûn Armory
- Rhûn Windmills
- Hero Statue

- Harad Palace Tent
- Harad Barracks
- Harad Archery Range
- Harad Stables
- Harad Mûmakil Pen
- Harad Armory
- Harad Sentry Tower

- Khand Barracks

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The Rhûn Barracks will give:
* Lvl1: Easterling Swordsmen - normal unit
* Lvl2: Easterling Spearmen - strong unit
* Lvl3: Easterling Pikemen, aka "The Soldiers of Rhûn" - Elite pike unit (PreReq: Armory and all Technology)
* Lvl3: Easterling Axemen - single very strong unit

The Rhûn Stables will give:
* Lvl1: Easterling Kataphrakts - strong cavalry
* Lvl2: Easterling Wainriders - very strong single unit cavalry

The Harad Barracks will give:
* Lvl1: Haradrim Swordsmen - weak unit
* Lvl2: speed bonus only
* Lvl3: speed bonus only

The Harad Archery Range will give:
* Lvl1: Haradrim Lancers - normal unit
* Lvl2: Haradrim Archers - elite unit
* Lvl3: Fire Arrows

The Harad Stables will give:
* Lvl1: Haradrim Raiders - weak (but very fast) cavalry
* Lvl2: Mahûd Camel Raiders - weak cavalry (with some kind of special function)

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All the units and buildings for our amazing new faction can be found HERE

Our site can be found HERE, and our forum HERE.

In a few weeks, we're also organizing a contest! Keep your eyes open for updates!


Great skin job! Looks real good.

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Amazing job so far with the mod guys,
most of us are still awaiting a great mod for BFMEII. =]
When this is done, will it work with the Expansion?

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Nazzie Author

We don't exactly know when the next beta will be done, but it will take at least a few weeks. We don't mod for the expansion, but it will work when you use the regular game of course.

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