In the depths of outer space, a huge block of vessels tied them adrift in a vacuum. On board, the biggest threat in the history of mankind is being prepared. The Space Marines are responsible for cleaning the depths of Hulk abomination xenos ...

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- Good integration of the original version, stays true to the board game.
- Very interesting layout in the game play
- Good additional music.
- variable painted units.
- Goes beyond the original game, gives the players lots of different enemy options.
- Stable mod with no crashes, once initial installation is correctly figured out (Retribution version, never tried Chaos Rites Version).

- In the Intro, cinematic music is unavailable. (Minor issue did not affect rating.)
- Campaign button should be either greyed out or removed if possible since this version is not available.
- Readme should point out how to try both single player and give the players an initial walkthrough on how to start a multiplayer game. Going back to the Moddb website should be unnecessary, unless user is completely and hopelessly stuck in installation procedures.
- Blips can overwhelm the objective points on the minimap giving the player little data.
- Camera mode should be a little more varied.
- Spelling errors, some grammatical errors, due to it being developed in France?
- When loading the Army Painter, unit littered with very unprofessional text. Reduces integrity of the Developer.

Final Rating: 7.8, Rounded up for the system. Rating based on how well the mod was adhered to the genre, innovative idea, music added and painted variables, the integration and goals kept in mind, but was reduced by installation and lack of direction to get the game going.


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