"A new terrorist organization has recently appeared. Some rogue military faction, "The Baron", they call themselves.

Fairly dangerous, screwed a couple of our cities and threaten to do more unless we give 'em some of our dough, classic stuff.
Obviously, you being sent in is basically our little answer to that.

Intel tells us of their little hideout out in the Arctic mountains, looks like they even dug in the mountains themselves.

Security will be tough, these guys have gotten some pretty nifty stuff, a few sentry turrets, even got themselves some ninjas.
Report tells that those ladies carry some fancy cloaking stuff, but hopefully that's just recon being drunk.

They're currently dismantling their current base, trying to move to a new one, so with the lack of soldiers guarding outside and a bunch of explosives already set inside, torching their base shouldn't be too much of a problem.

You'll be dropped into their mountain outpost, to avoid problems with that risky drop means that you'll have to do with only a knife, but i'm sure your stealth skills should enable you to at least get yourself a shotgun or two.

Your objectives are simple, find a way to get into the enemy base and destroy it.

This is your only chance, soldier."

Remod is a HD mod for Soldier that brings :

- HD Models.
- Detail texturing for most of the textures.
- HUD Changes.
- Music Changes.
- Sound FX Changes.
- Text Changes.
- Map entities changes.
- Map textures changes.

Remod already includes Soldier, so you don't need to need to install the older version, just install this one on your HL installation and you're good to go!

Ambient.Impact - Various models base
Besli - M60 Sentry Edits
Chimp_ - Kabar skin
End of Days - SPAS-12 Model/Satchel Radio Model/Skin
Firearms Team - Parachute
Flamshmizer - Deagle UV
GamingLord - Gib models | HGrunt voices
H4wk - SPAS-12 Textures
Hellspike - SPAS-12 UV/UMP Model
Malignant - Deagle UV
Millenia - Deagle skin
Napoleon - Detail texturing base
Pete3D - SPAS-12 shotgunshell.mdl
Quad - Deagle animation
Romka - HGrunt model/skin | HAssassin
Strykerwolf - MP5k/Kabar animation
Thanez - MP5k skin
Toadie - SPAS-12 animation
Twinke Masta - MP5k model
Unknown - M60 Sentry Model
Vashts1985 - Deagle model
Venom - Kabar model
ZikShadow - Remod Author
fat_al - Gib models

Installation is simple, simply extract the soldier folder that is inside the .7z into your Half-Life installation folder (Where hl.exe is located, NOT inside any of the other folder such as "valve" or "valve_hd")"

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life"

There should now be a "soldier" folder inside you Half-Life installation folder along with any other mod/steam-related folders you may have inside.

Restart Steam, Soldier | Remod should be inside the Games list.

If that doesn't work somehow, create a shortcut of hl.exe, open it's Properties, add " -game MODNAME" to the end of the target bar.

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\hl.exe -game soldier"

The mod also adds simple detail texturing, if not activated yet, type "r_detailtextures 1" and its counterpart into the console.

Hope you enjoy!

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A Hit of Nostalgia

News 7 comments

Soldier | Remod 1.0b

Of a lot of mods that i can tamper with, it had to be this one, am i right?

Soldier | Remod Screenshots

I remember back then when i played my first custom Half-Life map, it was a single .bsp map called Escape (or something with that name).
You started in an office (finding a weapon in a closet or cabinet), outside the office room is i think 3 doors, in one of them you have to circle around a zombie to get to your HEV suit, go down some stairs (more like slopes), find another room, fall down a floor to get ambushed by Islaves, and then ending up fighting a garg in some Xen-biodome infested room before getting up to the surface.

I found it in some random site, and remembering it, i recalled that while it was completeable, the level design was atrociously bad, almost to the level of it being a criminal offense, i remember one HEV charger being oversized, for an example.

It's quite unfortunate that i can't find it anymore, as search engines today caught nothing of it and i'm sure the site itself has probably died by now.
Would've been nice to find it again for nostalgia reasons.

Soldier | Remod Screenshots

Anyway, of course after that i found out about Filefront before finally finding the magnificent Planetphillip (which is now called RunThinkShootLive).

Now, in my earlier excursions through the site, i found a little mod called "Soldier", it was in an installer if my memory serves me.
My young self kinda liked it, though now it's obvious that the mod itself is pretty below average.

Soldier | Remod Screenshots

The level design is a bit on the dodgy side, with the giant house over a mountain for some reason (now that i think of it, maybe it's the creator's house?) and the overall corridor style that haunts this entire mod right up to its end.

The custom textures are obviously photographs taken by the author, with some textures failing to tile correctly or having a weird light on them (being real images and all).

Pickup placements are WAY too generous, i've played this on Hard and i got pretty much full health and armor at the end, with an almost full all ammo to add.

A lot of crates break like glass (or something else inappropriate), and the consistency of what is breakable or not isn't defined (doesn't help that sometimes you can find rookie mistakes like some boxes being textured improperly from a covered side or having 2 func_breakables overlap).

Of course, being a military focused mod, you're gonna be fighting HGrunt's exclusively throughout the mod, without breaks.
That can get tiring.

Even the custom models don't make a lick of sense, yeah, like someone's gonna wear green camo IN AN ARCTIC LOCATION.
Weapons are obviously a combination of CS custom models and HL custom model, with some of them shoddily reskinned and improperly QC'ed.
The MP5k got the worst of it though, only having one hand and not even a reloading animation.

Don't make me talk about the music, the first one gave my headaches while the other ones just sound low quality, they loop too, just to add in a hammer to the toolbox.

And to close it off, the ending of the mod came out of nowhere and without closure, you approaching a door and suddenly a text saying mission complete while a bunch of low quality music suddenly blurps out and loops, a truly broken ending.

Soldier | Remod Screenshots

Now, i can't change any map brushes or how the textures are set in the brushes themselves, so there's really not a lot that i can do, but i tried my best.

Replaced some of the textures, set the crates that drop something to have different gibs, set all wooden crates to break like wood, add in some hassassins and sentries, add in autosaves, replaced models/sounds/sprites (obviously), change some of the text + their placements, and last (actually quite least), a wall of text for the ending instead of a single line (not really something, but definitely better than a simple "mission complete").

I had some fun with it, maybe you'll do too with this Remod.
Thanks for reading.

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Right Handed Weapons

Right Handed Weapons

Weapons Model 1 comment

i changed weapons positions to right... that's it.

Soldier | Remod 1.0b

Soldier | Remod 1.0b

Full Version 9 comments

1.0b release for Soldier | Remod. This already has all the necessary files to play Soldier, so no other installations required. Installation instructions...


I thoroughly enjoyed this besides a couple things like *cough* left handed weapons, and boxes where valuable stuff was like inside the the military truck but other than i liked it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

What's with the limited turn ability? How do I disable it? It's actually quite annoying rather than immersive.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZikShadow Creator

What do you mean?
This mod doesn't use any custom coding/modified configs.

The original mod did, but i removed it due to errors when played ingame.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well, then it seems I've encountered a bug, because my camera movements restricted to approximately ~270 degree in total? And I've gotta use arrows to turn any farther than that - like view what's behind me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZikShadow Creator

Could it be on your part?
For all the custom replacement stuff that blankets this mod, it really is basically nothing more than a mappack (as in you can actually copy and paste most of the files into your valve folder and play it through Half-Life normally, just remember to NEVER overwrite anything).

I'm guessing this doesn't happen in normal Half-Life?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

> Could it be on your part?
Unlikely. I'm using clean HL1 install with all add-on's. No custom scripts or anything.
> I'm guessing this doesn't happen in normal Half-Life?
Yep. The issue was gone, but so was custom models, sounds and pretty much everything else. So I guess it has something to do with the guts of the mod itself - probably dll's?

Appreciate the fast response, by the way.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZikShadow Creator

Hmm, that is a possibility.

I originally tried to not include any kinds of cl_dlls/dlls folder in mods that doesn't use any custom coding, but back in Timeline, people constantly reported problems with stuff that's almost obviously was the result of them using a customized valve dll (like asking for a v_crowbar2.mdl for one, how the hell can a mod without ANY coding be asking for that!?).

That's exactly why i decided to just copy and paste the dll folders from my valve to this, so that even if you tamper with the valve folder, this should breakthrough any silly custom stuff and revert back to the original code.

But i guess even that can show it's own can of worms as well.

In any case, if that is indeed the dll problem, removing it/replacing it with your valve one should fix the problem.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

By the method of elimination I've pinpointed the exact DLL that was causing this: "client.dll" from "cl_dlls" folder.
Hope that helps.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i know that this comment is old, but if someone else is having this problem, you can fix it by disabling raw mouse input.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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