SMOD : Tactical REDUX is has so many differences from "SMOD : Tactical" Many weapons, visual effects, Gore effects, sounds, etc..... Literally SMOD : Tactical "REDUX". You will have a very different experience. I will release it in the month. Note : This is a not a official SMOD : Tactical mod. this mod just another Tactical mod. keep in mind.

This is my First work and this mod is still unfinished and probably has bugs etc.

important : This mod require source SDK base 2006, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 : DM , C:SS Must be installed!

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hello everyone!
I released new verison of smod ; tactical redux!
This version is consists mainly of balance and optimization.
But this mod still unstable! so it may cause crash and other bugs. :(
I'm still working on this mod! and I will provide support for user-made patches/fixes/addons!

1.1 Changelog.

* Weapons

- Slightly incresed grenade explode radius.
- Reduced grenade amount of fragments.
- Slightly incresed grenade Fragments tracelength.
- Now AK-12 is have own ammo (5.45x39mm).
- Slightly incresed AK-12 recoil, damage and effective firing range.
- Changed MP5A3 to MP5SD and reduced attenuate and effective firing range.
- Now IMI galil, M39 EMR, G3A3, SCAR-h is have own ammo (7.62x51 NATO).
- Weapons using 7.62x51 NATO ammo has been balanced.
- Now H&K MP7 is have own ammo (4.6x30).
- Slightly incresed H&K MP7 damage, recoil, effective firing range,
- Now SVD is have own ammo (7.62x54mmR)
- Balanced every weapons and ammunitions spawn chances.
- Changed grenade animation.


- Incresed barnacle health to 50.
- Incresed bullsquid health to 250.
- Incresed bullsquid bite, whip, spit damage to 45, 40, 50.
- Incresed combine soldier melee damage to 40.
- Incresed combine ace health to 300.
- Incresed headcrab melle damage to 25.
- Incresed houndeye health to 175.
- Incresed houndeye blast damage to 55.
- Incresed manhack melee damage to 25.
- Incresed rollermine shock damage to 40.
- Incresed vortigaunt health to 250.
- Incresed zombine health to 150.
- Incresed poison zombie health to 180.
- Incresed antion health to 40.
- Incresed antion guard charge, shove damage to 60, 35.
- Greatly increased clocking combines Transparency.
- Clocking combines now mainly use the MP5SD.
- Adjusted enemies shooting behavior, They will not always shoot your head now (But in CQB, enemies will be able to shoot your head)
- Reduced time for enemies to target Player.
- Greatly increased enemies grenade throwing time.
- Now enemies have only one grenade.

* Performance

- Reduced grenade amount of fragments For optimization.
- Reduced grenade explode effect.
- Optimize the algorithm of ragdolls.
- Modified most of mapadd.

* Known issue

- Triggers that can't go through in d2_coast_03.
- Sometime grenade explosions cause crash the game.

And I'm planing another project!
You can expect!


Here's my discord ID!
If you have anything to say, please tell me here.

I'm Back!

I'm Back!

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After completing military service and about to start working the SMOD : Tactical Redux!

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SMOD : Tactical REDUX 1.1 Hotfix

SMOD : Tactical REDUX 1.1 Hotfix

Patch 14 comments

This is SMOD : Tactical REDUX Hotfix, Changed and balanced some mapadd for reduce crash.

SMOD : Tactical REDUX 1.1

SMOD : Tactical REDUX 1.1

Patch 12 comments

This is SMOD Tactical REDUX 1.1 file. To play this mod you need first download main file.

Smod Standalone main file

Smod Standalone main file

Full Version 7 comments

This is SMOD Standalone main file not included SMOD : tactical redux. To play SMOD : tactical redux, you need first download this file.

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I really, really want to like this but there's so many things that actively keep me from enjoying playing it. Most of the gameplay changes are fine but there's nothing enjoyable about getting pelted by two pistol shots and suddenly my screen is bright red and shaking violently for five seconds. Regenerating health absolutely kills the pacing of Half Life and I cannot for the life of me understand why it was included. On top of that there are so many visual "improvements" that make the game a horrible looking mess that I can't even sit down to play for extended periods of time. Vectorblur seems to be permanent, can't turn it off with the console, and the amount of motion blur in general is just absurd.

There's a lot of potential for enjoyment and a lot of the changes/additions are really good but it needs work. Get rid of the horrible looking blur effects, change it back to default HP/suit energy, remove the god-awful bloody screen effect and screenshake on hit.

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Why I got this error: V_MakeAbsolutePath tried to ".." past the root

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Hello. If you are interested and fan of SMOD:

Watch both videos from start to the end for fully understanding what videos are about.

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**** off aulov

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I can't even launch it. Platform Error : "module failed to initialize"

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one more thing... is it normal to be invincible while driving the fan boat thing? and is there a way to to restore the ability to die while driving it? makes it pretty lame, can just sit there while they all shoot with guns,rockets etc

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