World with 4 continents and large amount of big and small islands is divided between few superpowers (Hallowed Empire with Tyado Empire, Ellarayteymar and Taydar), few great powers (Eresia, New Chaepitian Republic) and many countries which crave to become new masters of the world.

Main features

  • Influence and spheres of influence. Use your economic potential to spread your power peacefully. Trying to do game as democratic countries less boring
  • Expanded politics. New ideologies, reworked elections, government type and government support mechanics, coalitons, reworked politics interface

Release date?

First half of 2019

I create it alone so it willn't be fast.

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Influence mechanic

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Imagine that your country is a model of democracy and pacifism. And there are no advisers to boost fascism or communism. And you are in difficult accessible terrain, maybe even generally on a separate continent. You probably just have to sit and sleep.

But no. In SMod I tried to add an alternative way for fans of slowly and quietly pressing the world, perhaps even without war. What could be better than to arrogate to yourself all the sources of valuable resources and enjoy a wonderful show, where other giants are fighting among themselves until their death?

Influence points

Influence denotes the economic power of your country, its involvement and the ability to influence global processes.

The base increase of influence points is negligible — a maximum of 0.0025 per hour. However, it increases in proportion to the number of civilian factories. Nevertheless, you need a lot - up to 20 factories in international relations you will be just a fly. Also, the points increase is affected by stability (if it's 50%, you will receive only 50% of the deserved IP) and your foreign policy doctrine - the isolationism doctrine will lower the increase in influence points by half, however for minors it will be a way to protect from the raking hands of the imperialists - interactions with isolationist countries using influence will either be unavailable or cost twice as much.

Influence and interaction

Influence points are mainly needed in order to conduct non-violent expansion into less significant countries.


Each country has two separate indicators - local influence and level of influence.

Local influence is the same influence points, only invested in a single country. You can invest 1, 5 or 10 points of influence once. The number of influence points you attach determines which interactions with the country are available to you.

The level of influence also determines access to some of the interactions.

A total of 4 influence levels - Low (0), Medium (1), Strong (2) and Hostile (-1, appears only in the case of war or according to historical scenarios).

Increasing the level of influence, you increase trade relations and the country's favor, that is, having risen from 0 to 1, you can count on the country to grant you the military acces and sign a non-aggression pact, and on the 2nd - to join your alliance.

List of interactions at the moment:

  • Increase the level of influence
  • Take to the sphere of influence - turns the country into your subject, which is more autonomous than dominion, but still a subject. With the deterioration of relations the country may leave the sphere of influence
  • Require trade preferences - a country for 25 points of influence (further) increases trade relations with you by 50, i.e. will be twice as likely to deliver its resources first to you
  • Require changes in trade policy - for 35 IP and 75 PP country changes the law on trade to the next, from a closed economy to free trade. All your resources belong to us!
  • Require a change in diplomatic policy - if a country pursues a policy of neutrality or isolationism, for 40 IP and 75 PP, you can force it to change its mind, forcing it to start an open door policy
  • Reduce the level of influence of another country - if you don't like that some country climbs into your sphere of influence, for 50 IP you can throw it out. At least for a while
  • Discredit another country - for 10 IP, you can advise the victim not to contact a third country. At least half a year
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