“What would happen if we applied Earth 2150 to Homeworld?” -- Slipstream: The Price of Freedom is just that. Or, at least, was supposed to be just that. What started as a multiplayer combat simulator, ended as the first entry into the Slipstream universe.

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Hello Moddb! Today we would like to present the final release of Slipstream: The Price of Freedom. We have finally completed this long project...[cont]

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Hello ModDB! Today we would like to present the final release of Slipstream: The Price of Freedom. We have finally completed this long project, and have accomplished many goals along the way. However, we have not created a single player game due to time, resource, and manpower constraints. Needless to say, the game is still awesome. We've polished up a lot of things, and added a few features. We would like to say that this has been a great ride for all of us, and we would like to thank our fans for being there for us.

What's new in this version

1) Upgrades Tree Added - We've finished adding and fixing TPOF's Achilles heal, which is a large upgrade tree for both races.

2) Lighting Improvements - A few dark maps, which were hard to see one, have been adjusted for better viewing.

V3.0 Screenshots

Polished Menu. Closing in on 3.0 Afterburner Upgrades Progress Lighting Fixes, Expanded Research Options

OpenCore Release
OpenCore, the Open Source TPOF platform was released about the same time as TPOF. This allows any Homeworld 2 mod to integrate TPOF technology into their own mod. This is to help stimulate the Homeworld 2 mod scene, and allow new modders to expand their modding knowledge.

Final Thoughts
Again, we would like to thank our community. Through the few years we've developed TPOF, we've seen many familiar faces. OpenCore is our gift to the fans, to continue the TPOF legacy, and expand the TPOF family. Believe me when I say that you all have earned it. If you want to keep in contact with Xi and follow us to our next project, then check out our moddb page here: (insert link) and be sure to add us to your modwatch. Thanks again! It's been a pleasure!


Woah! Awesome UI design. Definitely like it over the original HW2 UI- for a second there I thought it was stand alone till I read lol.

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This is the epitome of EPIC. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the entire Team for the hard work spent on this ambitious project, I have been following all of you for a long time already.

And thus, we have arrived at the end of the rainbow, where the pot of gold awaits...

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Congratulations guys :) love the mod :) been following for 2 years now epic to see the final release

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Damn, I have the same old bug than earlier versions after 2.2 !no icon "splitstream" in the main menu, and worse, a complete white screen while playing.

This bug is happening from version 2.2, for which a dev made a patch (-mod TPOFv2.2.big,Patch3.big,MenuFIxAttempt3.big) which did work. Posted on this forum.

From that day, I haven't been able to update to a later version, so I'm still running 2.2 :(
*Would like to try the final one*

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