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Feb 24 2012 Anchor

To save clogging up the comments section with me giving a couple of lines of whats happening I thought I should make this instead, so incredibly short updates will be posted here.

First one being that the collision is fixed on the TARDIS, the black scorch marks have also been fixed, some silly vertex problem. And finally I have the Stargate mesh made, temporary textured and imported into the game, the collision on it is currently not done but should be by the next full release.

I have decided to put off the latest update for a day or two more, I have a couple of things mid-creation and want them done before putting it up here, sorry for the delay.

Plus side, I now have the base for the gate set up, just need to make it so you can choose what world to go to, of course I need a new world has all buildings connected to interiors now, no new npcs but I will be placing them last, speaking to them is now working too, have to write up a bunch of dialogue before I can push the next release but that hopefully won't take long. Will just be using silent audio files to begin with.

Little downside for 2.0 so far, only that the Jaffa helmets aren't working right, difficult to explain really but lets just say I haven't been able to wear it and leave it at that. I have not even begun progress on the Afflicted, I have never touched on doing creatures before so it is in many ways a new learning curve, to save a whole load of time I may simply re-texture either a troll or a werewolf to look similar to my plans, I kind of wanted the same animations as werewolf anyway but without the whole human half of it so it will probably be best for now, when I get around to it I can replace the model and such later.

Since the world is in the dark all the time I have been thinking on ways to make it so you can see alright but still get the feeling of darkness and it has pretty much led me to glow maps, the Afflicted I had every intention of making look like they have glowing veins and certain patches like the scalp, spine and heart glowing green too, but that is mainly so you can see them coming if you are careful. I then thought it would be cool to have it so the Jaffa remaining on the planet would have glowing markers and things to help them from getting lost which lead me to thinking about placing Shadow Marks, not the same as them but similar in the way they are meant to guide people of the same faction and only that faction knows what they mean. I could also use this as a way of gaining an advantage on Jaffa or a bonus of becoming allies, for instance if you had to take out a group of Jaffa silently then you could learn what the marks mean and find out the paths they will take and other things to help you get them when they are separated. I am not sure if I will do this or not but it was just a thought.

Considered making the player able to be an Afflicted, this ended up being scrapped for now since I don't want people to whine about their character being permanently transformed into a mad beast and unable to use the Stargate.

Found a website for world names since I am useless at it (, thought it would be cool to have the planets named this way till you name them in-game or find out the name from a character.

Decided to keep the Universe Stargate as the style, will create a high res version before release though, this decision is because I can use the gate remote system to my advantage for quests where it would make sense for you not to be able to go back through the gate. Attempted the menu system for the DHD but having trouble, this may be changed to a very simple menu without the information for worlds, I will place all info you need on a world in a book as they are added but this will make it much easier to do.

Finally got round to adding the map marker for the entrance to Cheyenne, the location and tunnel entrance may be changed entirely in future but it will do for now, I am considering having the entrance via travelling on a ship instead as that seems like it would make more sense, I am trying to have the lore make it so Cheyenne is on a island hidden from the rest of civilization other than the people who man the boat. This means there may be a dock are in 2.0 if I do it before that release and I have kinda wanted to do a dock for a while now, might make a new model set for the whole dock area based on the idea that the island was once used as an Alteran/Asuran research outpost, this could in turn back the idea that Tamriel and its inhabitants were the result of an Alteran experiment OR for the Asuran case it could be they were trying to research a way to ascend. Of course both could be used really.

Both stories earlier noted will be used, the Divines being the long gone Alterans (on Nirn anyway) and the Asurans are the Deadric gods. I will be replacing the mountain with a Alteran Control Tower, like the one on the center of Atlantis, this is to have something easier to replicate visible from all districts in Cheyenne. I will also make the Stargate inside an Atlantis style gate room once I am done making the model for that, for now the current layout will be kept.

I have still not got the Jaffa Helmet done yet so thinking about leaving it out till later, the armour looks fine without it and in some cases better. For those who use beast races and female body replacers, I will not be making any of the armours compatible for you, there will be one model for male and one for female, I will also not be allowing anyone to make edited versions of the armours to fit body replacers for females as I think they are the most ridiculous mods in existence, want to see a naked woman? Go watch porn then.

Taking a couple of days off to beat Mass Effect 3, I will come back refreshed with more ideas and hopefully have 2.0 out in a week or two!

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