Skyrim Enhanced Shaders NLA is a custom adaptation of Confidence Man's landmark Skyrim ENB preset "Natural Lighting and Atmospherics. This adaptation is configured by tapioks (me), the author of the Skyrim Enhanced Shaders mod; the very first ENB configuration to be released on Skyrim Nexus back in November 2011.

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Dimebag_Darrell says

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What can i say?!
It's just fantastic!!!!
The Reflections , The Saturation
The Lighting , The DOF (Can't use it , but i'll explain later)
Overall everything works perfectly and you can customizate it
activate , deactivate things
SSAO (Ambient Occlusion) , Well is Boris Fault but it
consumes A LOT Of PC , and for my like , is only good on the interiors
The Skylighting Consumes A LOT for some reason! (not this config fault , happens with my other Config Files too!)
The DOF , well , is a lovely feature <3 , but only for taking pictures , for me :P
Deactivating Those 3 things it can give you like 27FPS more.
Im Playing on my old:

Intel Core 2 DUO E7200 2.5ghz
3gb RAM
and My old but lovely 8800gt with 512 of VRAM
i got some stuttering (because of the poor VRAM)
but after that it works at a wonderful
54FPS , and in very loaded parts , 24/30FPS

Is just fantastic.
Thanks a lot for this!
im going to Endorse it on Nexus :'3


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