***** SkyMoMod V13 ****** this mod adds hundreds of new creatures to skyrim, along with some new playable weapons found in the hands of some of the creatures* there are hundreds of new creatures and 70 new dragon types, plus quite a few new weapons* install instructions are in the read me

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Take my soul, this is the best skyrim mod


MattyG says

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Adds much more variety to Skyrim's lack of creature diversity. Find lore-friendly replacers on Skyrim Nexus if you're feeling really skeptical of having things that look either out of place (or scary) in your game.

One word of warning however, is that a lot of the creatures come from ported assets from other games, which is how the author got banned from the Nexus to begin with. I'll let your morals decide whenever you want the mod or not.


Mod essential for the low variety of monsters in skyrim.

Excellent work.


i hope you update this awesome mod ^^

Really good mod. Is there any creature list though?

I had no idea this was even on ModDB, and I'm grateful, since the guy was banned on Nexus and this file was removed. v12 is very nice, awesome creatures, BUT YOU MUST PLAY THIS WITH LORE FRIENDLY REPLACERS which is actually still on Nexus.

One major problem is, it's uncompatible with old saves. But I haven't determined whether this is due to this mod, or Lore friendly replacers. Still... can't use old characters with these two. It doesn't matter much to me, since modded Skyrim has so many character builds.


This is really my favorite mod for skyrim i can't play without it

It may not be entirely lore friendly, but hey... It's still pretty awesome...



nice with spice

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Take my soul, this is the best skyrim mod

Jan 16 2013 by Gmutant