Skin Switcher Mod for Severance: Blade of Darkness by Josh Dahlby ( Version 1.1 Description: This mod allows you to switch your skin while playing the game. Installation: This MOD requires the BODLoader in order to be used. If you haven't already installed the BODLoader, you will need to do that before continuing. You can get the current version of BODLoader from the above URL. BoD\ = Blade Of Darkness directory. 1. Create the directory BoD\BODLoader\Mods\skins 2. Unzip the into the BoD\BODLoader\Mods\skins directory 3. Launch BoD and use BODLoader to install the Skin Switch mod. To Use: While playing, press 'U' to toggle skins. You can configure this from the CONTROL | KEYBOARD menu. Just scroll down to the "Switch Skins" action and configure it like any other control. Legal Stuff: Severance and all its respective elements are copyright 2001 by Rebel Act Studios and Codemasters. This mod...

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