When everything is possible to you, what would you do? Grab the boots of Gordon Reese, a servant of alchemist Arthur Legacy. Your everyday life is about to turn to a nightmare, when the wheel of fate turns for you.

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Meki says

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This was pretty good and straightforward... and scary. I only noticed one bug: The small door on the table couldn't be opened but I was able to pick up the oil-filled jar through a small opening :) Was this intentional? (because it seems illogical).
And if you should do chapter 2? Don't ask us, just do it. You left the story open, remember? :)


GREAT CS! and the voice overs were good to. I just didnt like how you'll go insane when you stare at your master. I kept on wasting a lot of sanity potions but lucky for me there were alot of them. :}


Shine! says

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Very original. I liked it.


Elven3 says

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Very good story. There were some bugs but those who I met didn't force me to restart or anything.

Story isn't damn long, but certainly interesting.

Scares - meh :P... Didn't affect me, not even single one, oh, maybe water monster was little bit "WTF XD..."

Else very good story. Maybe little bit too much traditional thinking, so I could figure most puzzles out quickly because they are pretty traditional, but else, not bad :).

One thing tho - too many ******* "Stephanos" or Golden Arabic Statues, or whatever you call them...


awesome mod

Really well made story. The scripting, and general events were great, it could've been a bit longer however I feel. Also that lore at the end, lol, was nice to relax for a bit after all that.


Ramms says

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Love this one, it truly scared me with its tactics :D


paul84 says

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good !

although unfinished, this story was cool and had some very original ideas and a very interesting story. Would hope chapter 2 gets released.

Was a bit short though


Great mod. Waiting for Chapter 2.

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