The First Age of the Sun and Moon is perhaps the most eventful timeline within the works of JRR Tolkien. It is steeped in theological and philosophical themes, while retaining the epic scale that most are accustomed to when they think of Tolkien. Our hope is to recreate, as accurately as possible, the words and ideas of the author into the Total War universe. As there is yet to be any concrete display of what we believe to be the greatest and most thought-provoking age within the world of Arda, here is to you Silmarillion: Total War.

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Quick roster update for the House of Finarfin, centering around the realm of Nargothrond.

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House of Finarfin

Finarfin was Born in Valinor in YT 1230. He was the youngest of the five children of Finwë, High King of the Noldor, and brother to Fingolfin and Fëanor. During the Rebellion of the Noldor, Finarfin travelled with the host of his elder brother Fingolfin, becoming enmeshed in the Doom of the Mandos. Finarfin would later repent of his involvement in the rebellion and would remain in Aman with what few Noldor who stayed behind, serving as High King in the absence of his brothers. Though Finarfin himself forsook the journey to Middle Earth, his children would follow the host of their uncle across the Helcaraxë and into Beleriand. Finarfin’s children are no less than Galadriel, the future lady of Lothlórien, and the brothers Finrod, Angrod, and Aegnor who would go on to establish their own kingdoms in the wide lands of Middle Earth.

Chief among the dwellings of the children of Finarfin was the realm of Nargothrond, ruled by Finrod Felagund. Nargothrond was the capital of the realm of Nargothrond including the plain of Talath Dirnen and the wooded hills of Taur-en-Faroth. Finrod ruled over all the Elves of western Beleriand, save for the Falathrim on the coast. Nargothrond lasted many centuries, surviving chiefly by stealth and guerilla warfare until its defeat and destruction in the aftermath of the Battle of Tumhalad.

In Silmarillion: Total War the House of Finarfin doesn’t have access to large numbers of heavy infantry like the House of Fingolfin, nor the powerful cavalry and heavy armor of the House of Fëanor, but what they excel at is stealth and ambush. Their armies are defensive by nature, with many spearmen and bowmen in their ranks. They lean very heavily on their extensive mid tier roster, fielding large numbers of medium line infantry and light ambush skirmishers armed with poison arrows. Consequently, armies in service to the princes of Nargothrond are the largest fielded by any prince or king of the Noldor. In addition to their excellent light and medium infantry companies, the House of Finarfin can call upon excellent heavy Noldorin infantry and archers from the city of Nargothrond. These companies are fewer in number than similar units fielded by the other Noldor houses, but boast formidable armor values, special projectiles, and armor piercing spears.

The roster below will cover the high and mid range units available to the House of Finarfin in multiplayer. Which is your favorite Elven faction so far? Let us know down below, or join our discord and discuss questions or concerns directly with the development team and the community!


Stalkers of Taur-en-Faroth:

Taur-en-Faroth was the range of wooded hills in West Beleriand that rose up above the western side of the River Narog. They were part of the Realm of Nargothrond. These are stealthy, dual wielding swordsmen.

Stalkers of Taur En Faroth

Defenders of Talath Dirnen:

Talath Dirnen, the Guarded Plain, was the forested empty land roughly between Narog and Teiglin in Beleriand and belonged to the Realm of Nargothrond. In its eastern part was the lone hill of Amon Rûdh. These are mainline spear unit for the House of Finarfin.

Defenders of Talath Dirnen

Swordsmen of Talath Dirnen:

The plain was guarded by rangers and hidden towers. When Sauron conquered Tol Sirion, the West Beleriand was open to his forces. Although uninhabited, the plain was defended by scouts and spies of Nargothrond, the Haladin of Brethil, and the Gaurwaith. Under the Two Captains, the Gaurwaith controlled the area around Amon Rûdh, named Dor-Cúarthol after The Helm and The Bow.

Swordsmen of Talath Dirnen

Archers of Talath Dirnen:

After the capture of Túrin Turambar, the plain was ravaged by Orc raiders and King Orodreth protected Nargothrond with ambushes, not wishing to draw Morgoth's attention to his hidden city. That was until Túrin, now known as Mormegil, persuaded him to fight openly, and they managed to clear the Plain from Orcs. The Plain was lost after the Battle of Tumhalad and the fall of Nargothrond.

Archers of Talath Dirnen

Scouts of Taur-En-Faroth:

In ancient times, these Caverns of Narog known as Nulukkizdîn, had been home to Petty-dwarves who dwelt there in secret before the arrival of Finrod. What became of the Petty-Dwarves at this time is not recorded, but at least some escaped to dwell in Amon Rûdh. Armed with a two handed spear and an elven bow, scouts naturally make excellent ambushers, however their deadly spears also make them an excellent screen.

Scouts of Taur en Faroth

Bridge Wards of Nargothrond:

Nargothrond was the capital of the realm of Nargothrond between Nenning, Narog and Teiglin, including the surrounding hills of Taur-en-Faroth and the Talath Dirnen to the north, as well as Tumhalad. Finrod was the overlord of all the Elves in the West Beleriand, except the Falathrim.

Bridgewards of Nargothrond

Wardens of Nargothrond:

Finrod ruled Nargothrond until he joined Beren in his quest for the Silmaril and handed rule to Orodreth. However, since the Dagor Bragollach Celegorm and Curufin, the sons of Fëanor, were defeated and retreated to Nargothrond where they were received as one of them. Although the city grew stronger because of this, the influence of the sons of Feänor became higher. Celegorm and Curufin lived in Nargothrond at the time Finrod departed with Beren and were more powerful than Orodreth until Finrod's death was reported, at which time they were exiled.

Wardens of Nargothrond

Marksmen of Nargothrond:

These warriors are formed into smaller than average companies of elite archers, however underestimate them at your peril: The Marksmen have spent many long centuries mastering their bows and are capable of firing multiple arrows simultaneously.

Marksmen of Nargothrond

Turin Turambar:

Gwindor revealed to Finduilas that 'Agarwaen' was in fact Túrin, and 'Úmarth' his famous father Húrin. When news of this reached Finduilas' father, King Orodreth, Túrin was given great honour and standing, but the revelation of Túrin's identity would also bring home Morgoth's curse.

Túrin became a chief counsellor of the weak Orodreth, and was extremely influential in Nargothrond. He encouraged the Nargothrondrim to abandon their practice of secrecy, and they built a great bridge before the gates. Because of his prowess with Gurthang, he himself became known as Mormegil ("Black Sword").

Turin Turambar

Arqueni Mormegilwa, Knights of the Black Sword:

Túrin was led to Nargothrond by Gwindor who had aided Beleg in the rescue. Once in Nargothrond Túrin had Anglachel forged anew. He renamed the blade Gurthang, "Iron of Death". The sword was wielded by Túrin throughout his time at Nargothrond as he became a captain and led the Nargothrondrim into open warfare, a tactic they were not well versed in. His increasing fame with Gurthang gave Túrin a new name: Mormegil 'The Black Sword' of Nargothrond. Túrin's exploits with the Nargothrondrim culminated with the Battle of Tumhalad which led to the ruin of Nargothrond.

Mormegil Knights

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