The First Age of the Sun and Moon is perhaps the most eventful timeline within the works of JRR Tolkien. It is steeped in theological and philosophical themes, while retaining the epic scale that most are accustomed to when they think of Tolkien. Our hope is to recreate, as accurately as possible, the words and ideas of the author into the Total War universe. As there is yet to be any concrete display of what we believe to be the greatest and most thought-provoking age within the world of Arda, here is to you Silmarillion: Total War.

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Behold the Orcs under the command of Sauron (Gorthaur, the Cruel)!

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The Dominion of Tol-in-Gaurhoth

Gîjakscaraz Clan (Blood Wolves): These heavily armed warriors are the best equipped troops that can be put into the field by the Four Clans in service to Sauron. The Gîjakscaraz are the warrior elite of Tol in Gaurhoth, standing above the Hîshtbukraz (Ashclaws) and even the Scara-hai (Wolf Folk) in the pack hierarchy. They take orders from noone aside from the warlords of the Thrângshik (Ragehowl) clan and Sauron himself.

Gîjakscaraz Chosen (Heavy Spears):

The Gîjakscaraz Chosen are heavy spearmen designed to support the numerous mounted wolf units of Tol in Gaurhoth, or keep the pups of the Hîshtbukraz from fleeing at the first sign of trouble.

Gijakscaraz Chosen

Wolfguard of the Gîjakscaraz (Heavy Maces):

The Wolfguard of the Gîjakscaraz clan are mace armed heavy infantry, ideal for answering the heavy armor of the Noldor of Hithlum and Nargothrond. Though few in number, if properly supported the Wolfguard are a force to be reckoned with.

Gijakscaraz Wolfguard

Gîjakscaraz za Gûlkálab (Heavy Infantry):

Gîjakscaraz za Gûlkálab are the largest and fiercest members of the clan who were able to "tame" the monstrous wolves bred in the pits of Tol in Gaurhoth. More heavily armored than the expendable Laugscaraz Riders, these warriors are better able to withstand missile fire and have a devastating armor piercing charge.

Gijakscaraz za Gulkalab

Hîshtbukraz Clan (Ashclaws): The Hîshtbukraz, or "Ashclaws", are the least disciplined but most numerous of the Four Clans of Gûlkála. They are nearly completely feral, not so much being deployed in combat as they are unleashed in the general direction of the enemy. Wherever they go, destruction follows as the rage of the Hîshtbukraz cannot be contained. They scorch the earth, drink the rivers dry and fill them with filth; They are the burners of forests and the eaters of children; They clad themselves in dun raiment and smear the ash of slain captives on their bodies during bizzare and bloody rituals, giving them their dealthy pale complexion.


The expendable masses of the Hîshtbukraz are known as Howlers. Ravenous and slavering, they swiftly charge into battle with no thought for their own safety desperate to slake their lust for blood and carnage. These expendable shocktroops make up the bulk of the Hîshtbukraz clan's contribution to the armies of Tol in Gaurhoth.

Hishtbukraz Howlers

Hîshtbukraz Hunters:

Hîshtbukraz Hunters are the scouts and foragers of the clan, screening the approach of the masses of clan orcs with a hail of arrow fire, softening their foes for the inevitable charge of the Howlers.

Hishtbukraz Hunters

Hîshtbukraz Warband:

Hîshtbukraz Warband are raiding parties of Howlers given a spear and a shield and sent into combat. The Hîshtbukraz are nearly mindless savages, but they are possessed of a low, animal cunning and as such recognize the value of spears in warding off unfriendly cavalry.

Hishtbukraz Warband

Hîshtbukraz za Gûlkálab:

Hîshtbukraz za Gûlkálab are Ashclaw orcs mounted on the savage beasts that prowl in the shadows of Tol in Gaurhoth. These mounted raiders carry a clutch of ensorcelled javelins which blaze with a dark inner fire, burning the countryside to cinders and they roam and pillage. Enemies hit by this unique projectile are dismayed and suffer a morale penalty.

Hishtbukraz za Gulkalab

Scara-hai Clan: The Scara-hai clan are a fierce warrior folk. Unlike the Hîshtburkaz, they are well trained and better armored making them suitable for front line combat. They form the medium infantry core of the armies of Tol in Gaurhoth and their contribution is indispensable. The reckless charge of the Ashclaws softens up the enemy while the Scara-hai finish the job once the whelps have been scattered. Even among the savage Orcs of Tol in Gaurhoth, the Wolf Folk have particularly gruesome customs: They are hematophages, taking great pleasure in drinking the blood of the enemies they kill. The clans victory feasts are the sites of horrifying massacres, where victims are ritualistically let and then thrown to bands of warriors while still living. Over time their sanguinary inclinations have given members of this clan distinct, ruddy countenances with crimson red eyes.

Laugscaraz za Gûlkálab:

The Laugscaraz za Gûlkálab are the mounted warriors of the Scara-hai. They eschew shields in favor of greater speed and manouverability, seeking to close the distance between them and their targets and drain them dry for the glory of the clan. What the Laugscaraz lack in survivability however they make up for in close quarters punch. In melee these ferocious warriors are effective against armor.

Laugscaraz za Gulkalab

Blood Drinkers:

The Blood Drinkers of the Scara-hai are those members of the clan who have completely given themselves over to the bloodlust that is their clan's birthright. These warriors fill their helmets with blood before donning them and the scent drives them into a frenzy with anticipation of the carnage to come.

Scara hai Blood Drinkers


The Longfangs are the rank and file of the Wolf Folk. Sturdy, shielded, and reliable, they consolidate the gains made by Blood Drinkers and the Ashclaw clan. Numerous and well armored, they are the backbone of any Tol in Gaurhoth army.

Scara hai Longfangs

Scara-hai Trappers:

Scara-hai Trappers are unique among the Wolf Folk in that they do not immediately rush into close quarters. The trappers are a cannier sort and embody the concept of patient, measured aggression. Only once the enemy has been weakened with a deadly storm of javelins will bands of Trappers then swiftly move in for the kill, joining their packmates in bloody melee.

Scara hai Trappers


"Sauron was become now a sorcerer of dreadful power, master of shadows and of phantoms, foul in wisdom, cruel in strength, misshaping what he touched, twisting what he ruled, lord of werewolves; his dominion was torment. After the fall of Fingolfin, Sauron launched an attack on Tol Sirion. Utter fear descended upon Orodreth and those who defended the isle. Sauron assailed Minas Tirith and turned it into a watch tower for Morgoth. Therein Sauron sat and Tol Sirion the fair became Tol-in-Gaurhoth, the Isle of Werewolves.

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There will Be no dawn for Men

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