Quenta Silmarillion is a total conversion mod focused on the First Age of Beleriand, based on Tolkien's own vision and work. If you want to join the team, just PM Bercor or Milner! Help is always welcome.

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A small update about the actual statut of the mod, and what is being worked on.

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Hello gentlemen, gentleladies and all Silmarillion followers,

We are in the begginning of March, and I think it's a good time to give you some news of the mod. As you may know if you saw the last pictures we uploaded here, nahun is actually working on Edain's custom settlements for battlemap. Their architecture is mainly inspired by Viking and Saxons' architecture during Late Antiquity/Early Middle Ages.

Edain settlement will have custom campaign map models too. You may see some ingame pictures soon, or you will have to wait until they are finished and previewed.

Edain King's Palace

Edain's Training Ground (Finished)

Edain Warriors' Quarters

Miler is working on the campaign aspect of the mod, polishing the map, working on script and so on. Can't give you any screenshot now, but I promise some soon.

Bercor is currently polishing a faction that I will preview really soon, but I won't tell which one.

Anyway, we still have to do some work on a few remaining factions (mainly texture work) but our final rosters are pretty much near completion. As always we can't give any release date, and we still have a lot of work to do since we want the first video game/mod about The Silmarillion ever released to be a good and polished one.

echuu, aka Nelduin and ALG
On behal of the entire Silmarillion mod Team.


Great to hear that such wonderful things are in your plans!
I wonder if also the other factions will have custom settlements according to their own culture; and, I also wonder if special maps/scenarios will have their own specific representation, for instance Gondolin or Angband.

Good luck and thank you for trying to bring to light with passion this monumental project ;)

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echuu Author

At least it is planned, we just hope we will have the time and the manpower to do so. :)

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Very pleasant to hear it ;)
I hope too you will succeed in that.

I'm sure that a custom Gondolin and other specific places will be a very majestic addition, though I understand the related problematics.

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You guys are awesome. It's really nice to see a mod team actually caring about quality of their mods and not releasing some half finished trash. I'll keep lurking this mod 'till it comes out! Keep the good work going lads!

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Please keep up the good work!

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