The first eight years of your existence are quite foggy; you cannot remember anything from that time. At the age of nine you became a member of a street gang. You learned a great deal about urban survival here, including excellent weapon skills. You clawed your way upward in the gang and became a trusty advisor of the gang leader, earning respect. You remained an advisor for a few years until you angered the leader. At the age of fourteen you killed the gang leader in a duel. You took over this position soon after, but were unable to enjoy it for too long. In your youthful stupidity you convinced the gang to attack a Tarydium transport that was en route from a Liandri industrial area to the core of the city. The attack was well coordinated and you managed to hijack a transport loaded with Tarydium. Casualties were minimal, as this transport had little in the way of an escort. Liandri placed a large reward on your head that was just too tempting for a gang member to overlook. Elite Liandri...

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Meh... just a dark sewer with endless mazes of underwater tunnels to drown in. Not fun at all. 5/10 for the effort alone.


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