You wake up in a cell with only one thought inside your head.. To do whatever it takes to escape this horrible fate! But the path to freedom is dark and vicious..

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That was actually pretty fun. I played the add on called "Choice" since the actual file isn't available. There is some mean *** jumpscares in this one, not sure how these ones got me whilst other maps didn't, haha. Good enemy sections in this story too, and there seems to be, although I'm not entirely sure, a choice... on where to go. This mapper is competent, that's for sure, I could tell he knew how to design a story right. Pretty good, although the map design is a bit mundane, but creative, good stuff.


well your map is okay but it is to empty and way to many monsters respawning till it is fixed i am giving it a one

You didn't pay attention to the details. Hell, you have to cross a solid wall!

Didn't like it.


WOW ! Cool Custom Story I love it !! Need more !



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