The long awaited Shattered Worlds Freelancer mod has been released. A talented DevTeam from over 6 different Freelancer communities have gathered to work on this ambitious project. Collectively, the team combined modding knowledge and lessons learned from numerous mods/servers, they picked the best concepts from other mods; which were implemented, improved and further expanded. The entire game has been overhauled from the ground up to create a cutting edge balance scheme. The DevTeam also added hundreds of weapons/equipment items, and many new ships, with over 160 individual craft at present, many of which are exclusive to the mod. The end result is one of the most balanced and highest quality Freelancer modifications ever conceived. If you are a new player or an old player tired of normal Freelancer mods, Shattered Worlds has something for you. Come, try it for yourself. When you undock, you will see the next evolution of Freelancer!

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Below are the updates added to the 1.2 MOD Release

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Additions Made in the 1.2 Update

  • Atleast 6 new guns and 4 new turrets for all NPC factions in-game. This addition of 360+
    weapons brings the cumulative total to 900+ different weapons in-game!
  • 144 new non-faction specific shield defeating gun variants to fit every single load-out combination imaginable with respect to speed, range and re-fire; for a total of 216 shield killing guns.
  • 5 new Race pods for players to use at the racetracks located in the Green Zone
  • 12 new player flyable ships ranging from fighters to freighters
  • 7 new systems for player clans/factions to discover, claim, and construct infrastructure
  • New missile balance with 9 new missile types
  • 40-50 new and interesting commodities
  • A total overhaul of the trading economy, I assure you this is one of the best balanced economies in any Freelancer mod.
  • Overhauled all item icons. Over 96 new commodity and equipment icons unseen in any other Freelancer mod have been added.
  • New dense asteroids that can be mined by larger mining ships for more profit than regular asteroids.
  • Miners Rebalanced some can mount the new Heavy Duty Mining Lasers
  • Light Bomber Ships rebalanced (to facilitate implementation of capital ships)
  • More powerful Thrust Interceptors
  • Higher Mission Payouts
  • Overhaul of all encounters and patrols in-game, expect tougher enemies
  • Tougher and more powerful bases
  • Racer specific equipment for maximum adrenaline rushes in the racetrack
  • Extensive changes to Reputation between NPC factions and Empathy effects which are determined by player actions
  • Player flyable Nomads (we originally had to remove player access to the Nomads in the initial release due to some unforeseen balancing issues)
  • Player Nomad Regenerating Armor
  • Buyable Scanners
  • New ID Cards (Generic Lawful, Generic Unlawful, and Nomad Cult)
  • Increased Visual range of Bases, and other solar objects
  • New ALE FX
  • New Fuse effects for damaged stations
  • Dynamic lighting for weapon projectiles
  • Awesome music score which creates a new feel and immersive environment
  • and much more...
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