This is a Quake inspired mod featuring the map: Shambler's Castle. All assets are original, nothing is ported from Quake. This includes one map (roughly 30 minutes of fast paced game play), 5 Remade Quake Monsters, All Remade Quake Weapons with New Sounds (Lightning Gun is included in the mod but not in the map because of broken sounds), Quad Damage Powerup And much more! This mod is finished. Look for the sequel to include an updated version of the map, as well as many more maps and improvements!

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If you are a fan of quake, then I recommend downloading this map.


If you love the first Quake, this is for you.

This is a great little demo to show us what a new Lovecraftian Quake could be like. Must have for Quake fans.

This mod is amazing! This is what quake needs to be again! Not more strogg and no more multiplayer only! Its a shame that this is so short.


Excellency in its amazingness


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I wish there was a full remake of Quake 1 something like this.

(Quake 2, 3 and 4 never emulated the Lovecraft spirit of Quake 1)

amazing, it may be short but it's highly polished but the atmosphere it has that **** yeah feeling quake one had


Simply beautiful graphics, great gameplay.


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