This is a test of hd textures on 256x res(for tukaram map only) need a lot of fixes For install only unpack and put the .mmp in your barb-m1 folder (Make a backup of the original file) </p> PD: the bug in the text (black) is a problem of compatibility of the video card, not of the mod. EDIT more tests 30/11/2011 1/3 of map casa (char sellection map) For install only put the .mmp in your maps/casa folder (Make a backup of the original file) 19/12/2012 NEW 1024x1024 TEXTURES!!! two days before the end of the world!!! LOL!!! New version of the textures, sculpted 3D models of each texture for normal, specular and diffuse and bake a diffuse map only. See the new images.

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