A mod for "Star Wars: Empire At War - Forces Of Corruption" that seeks to change some fundamental aspects of how the game is played and introduces an alternate timeline to the Star Wars universe - all while attempting to retain the essence of the game loved by so many.

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Update etc etc. regarding things, stuff and annoying comments.

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Still humming along with the campaign, though it's taking a good deal longer than I anticipated.

Various things keep getting in the way - such as the death of our much beloved goat last week :( - but I also keep having 'creative differences' with myself.

I know the story I want the campaigns to tell.

I know it like the back of my hand, with it having been a project of mine for many years in one form or another.

But the process of transforming it into a playable experience is time-consuming.

How should this part of the story play out, how much should be scripted, how much control should the player have, how long should this part take, how hard should it be......all questions that necessitate many drafts, rewrites and tweaks.

Some really cool news for the community as a whole; Anakin Sklavenwalker's FOC editor is well underway.

Anakin - probably best known as an Admin of EEAW and as a part of the RAW modding team - has been working on this tool for some time now and, when it's completed, it will mean a great many things for the modding community.

It will greatly help newcomers get up to speed, and it will even make things easier for some of the old hands.

Various other features - including a Mod Manager (more than a boring old Mod Launcher) - will make this a must have tool.

Before I bugger off, I'll leave a request here.

Do not leave "IT DOESN'T WORK" comments.

1) A comment like that is annoying and will in no way allow me to help you.

2) The comment/comment-reply system here is rubbish.

3) Chances of me seeing it are quite small.

If you need help, you have two options, both of which are quite simple and have been mentioned before in Readme files etc.

1) Sign up to ModDB and send me a Private Message (PM) - When you send me a PM, I get an e-mail notification, and so I'm much more likely to see your request for help.

2) Sign up to Everything Empire At War and either send me a message (Contact Info -> Any of the three options) OR reply to this topic.

If you still insist on leaving a comment on the main page for this mod, take note of this:

1) I'm not likely to see it and, if I do eventually see it, I'll direct you to one of the proper communication channels (see above) before helping you; Seriously, doing it properly will save you and me time.

2) If the comment comes from a Guest account, I'll either ignore it or delete it. Too hard to keep track of conversations with Guest accounts.

When you contact me with issues, provide as much information as possible: Operating system, any error messages, the state of things after going through the installer etc - This is all stuff I'll ask you for anyway, so providing it to begin with will save us both time.

General comments, queries and suggestions are still plenty welcome on the main page of course, it's just that it isn't the right place to have a long and wordy conversation.



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