A mod for "Star Wars: Empire At War - Forces Of Corruption" that seeks to change some fundamental aspects of how the game is played and introduces an alternate timeline to the Star Wars universe - all while attempting to retain the essence of the game loved by so many.

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'Holloway-Class' Freighter
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AUS_Doug Author

And, because it wouldn't fit in the description, the basis for my texture was taken from Texturelib.com

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A while back, I uploaded the picture 'Demonstration Of Carrier Ship'.

Well, I got back into it the other day after finalising (kind of) it's back story; this was out of necessity more than anything, as it plays an important role in a fan-fic I'm writing.

"Manufactered jointly by Rendili StarDrive and Kuat Drive Yards in one of the latter's few non-military designs, the Holloway-class freighter was produced in very limited numbers during the Clone Wars.

Despite it's sheer size, being one of the largest ships of it's kind, the designers opted to forgo any kind armament in favour of presenting an image of peace during a time of great conflict.

This worked against them however, with very few orders placed, and those that were built as demonstration pieces were sold for a fraction of their parts value to various independent worlds.

During the Galactic Civil War, to help fill a need for carrier ships, the Rebel Alliance 'obtained' three of these massive vessels, and set about modifying them for their own purposes.

Their already considerable hull strength was further augmented with amounts of armour plating not before seen on anything smaller than a Super Star Destroyer, and they were retrofitted with Quad-Laser batteries, all linked to the most sophisticated droid brains they could get their hands on.

The entirety of it's interior was devoted to berthing for fighter craft - though they rarely had occasion to fill it to its capacity - and powerful shield generators adapted from Mon Calamri cruisers."

Despite their defensive capabilities, they still need protection from dedicated battleships, and are best employed by dropping them out of hyperspace near an enemy force and deploying it's fighter complement before using it's defences to Rancor-roll it's way out.

Model, concept, UVs, texture design: Me

Turrets (and their texture): Geroenimo

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