This repack was added in a facebook S.T.A.L.K.E.R group and had to be downloaded from google drive which was very slow i decided to zip all the parts and the installer. The mod is standalone and comes with a copy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shoc version 1.0004. Just install and play! Credit to the uploader in the group:Ramón Retamar The mod adds a New story New guns New mutants New NPCs New maps New factions

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Fluffx says

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First off, this game is long like the Narodnaya Solyanka modification because of the amount of side quests and challenges you will go through.

Secret Tails has it's own unique storyline, which is set before the beginning in Shadow Of Chernobyl. You start by joining the forces of evil, including bandits. All you want is to find your brother, but to do that you'll go through a hell of challenges. There is an English guide that works the whole way through the storyline, but you will need it alot if you want to avoid mistakes. The guns are powerful. Most guns have a one hit kill, but so does the npc's. Some good guns feel kinda useless because of this feature, but it makes some things both easier and harder. The english translation doesn't seem machine translated which gives a few extra points from me. The new mutants are also scary, but i wish the were more deadly like the npc's. The main and sidequests involved going from back and forth alot, but that was the only issue for me. Also some minor crashes here and there, but that was to be expected.

Overall it was a long and satisfying experience. Many artifacts, guns, mutants and characters made me want to continue throughout the whole mod. Only some maps didn't have a soundtrack in them which made the atmosphere a bit boring, but otherwise i liked it.


merv71 says

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I am impressed with the new look maps,i love the steep terrain its quite a turnaround for Stalker,the new story is a breath of fresh air,only 1 main task to find your brother,mostly fetch this and go kill that missions which is working out quite well and immediatly starts you travelling far and wide across the zone,cool new locations.

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