Hello guys. We are present you our mod on the game SCP - Containment Breach. It's called "Ultimate Edition". It is the union of all global mods. At the moment the mod is in development. This mod returns old content, makes its own and corrects some of the shortcomings of the original game. I express great gratitude to the mods: Project Resurrection, Fan Breach, Nine Tailed Fox, Box of Horrors, Story of Site, SCP - 914 Expansion, SCP - 294 Drinks, SCP - Unlockables and FOV Mod. Wish you luck ;)

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I really love this game good job ;)


This mod is absolutely amazing and has so much potential. I feel if this gets more updates it could rival the entire game pontentially.

make more scps, and dont take it down!


Such mod that deserves a Trophy, perfect.... just..... perfect.


Very well mod

download this mod and you dot need download Original mod.


This mod is ******* amazing.
A lot of content, constant updates with fixes and general fluid gameplay, whats more to ask for?

Keep up the good work.

You can't download versions v5.5, this prevents users from playing removed SCPs.


da best mode ever

Great content, could use some refining in SCP-914 though, especially in the English and Grammar; the writing is more like an *attempt* at Foundation style, but it's not genuine, with multiple errors. It has its fair share of bugs like the original base game too.

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I really love this game good job ;)

Nov 26 2017 by ashadttt