Adds new character/experience levels, as well as rebalances perks and adds new perk ranks. Designed to be only a small gameplay modification.

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Scion of Lionheart / Learnerheart / Furyheart / Stormheart changelog.

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Gameplay changes

The major gameplay change is that there are now 280 character levels instead of "just" 70.

Maximum amount of experience points
original Lionheart: Legend of the Crusader: 2415000 XP / 70 levels
Scion of Lionheart: 2244000 XP / 280 levels (just 171000XPs less than L:LotC)
Learnerheart: 28800 XP / 280 levels
Furyheart: 2880 XP / 280 levels
Stormheart: 288 XP / 280 levels


Perk legend/info
"iof" stands for "instead of" - determines the maximum number or ranks
so "4iof1" means "perk now has 4 ranks instead of just 1 rank"

Adrenaline Rush (2x multiplied effects all)
Backstab (4ranks instead of 2ranks)
Blademaster (4r iof 1r)
Bonus Ranged Damage (4r iof 1r)
Cold Soul (9iof1)
Damage Resistance (4iof2)
Dark Majesty (30% poison resistance instead of 10%)
Deadly Accuracy (2iof1)
Divine Favor (4iof1)
Divine Protective (4iof1)
Dodger (8iof2)
Domination (4iof1)
Earthen Contact (4iof1)
Educated (4iof1)
Eloquence (9iof3)
Enlightenment (4iof1)
Fire Evasion (4iof1)
Fortitude (4iof1)
Fortune Finder (4iof1)
Gain Agility (5iof1)
Gain Charisma (5iof1)
Gain Endurance (5iof1)
Gain Intelligence (5iof1)
Gain Luck (5iof1)
Gain Perception (5iof1)
Gain Strength (5iof1)
Ghost (4iof2)
Here and Now (8iof1)
Hide of Scars (4iof1)
Inherited Resistance (4iof1)
Lifegiver (8iof2, 12 hitpoints instead of 6 hitpoints)
Lightning Rod (9iof1)
Mark of Fire (9iof1)
Master Thief (4iof1)
Master Trader (4iof1)
Mental Focus (4iof1)
More Criticals (9iof3)
Observant (4iof1)
One-Handed Weapon Finesse (4iof1)
One-Handed Weapon Specialization (4iof1)
Power from Beyond (4iof1, effects multiplied by 2)
Pyromaniac (4iof1)
Rejuvenation (8iof1)
Retribution (4iof1)
Salesman (4iof1)
Sharpshooter (2iof1)
Smite (4iof1)
Spirit Guide (4iof1)
Strong Back (9iof3)
Summoning (4iof1)
Superior Senses (2iof1)
Swift Learner (8iof2)
Thief (4iof1)
Thought Protective (4iof1)
Tough Hide (4iof1)
Tribal Protective (4iof1)
Two-Handed Weapon Finesse (4iof1)
Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (4iof1)
Weapon Handling (2iof1)
Wounding (4iof1)

perk added:
(mana) Regeneration (8 ranks) - requires Charisma 5 or higher (just like Rejuvenation requires Endurance 5)


Learnerheart, Furyheart, and Stormheart mods can not be downloaded

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feillyne AuthorSubscriber

If you cannot download something from Mod DB, copy the "DOWNLOAD NOW!" button link and add this after the download ID number:

For example Learnerheart:

original button URL:
all mirrors URL:

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