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Feb 14 2013 Anchor

Supply Depot gain nice two tweaks (burrow & extra supplies).

Extra supplies cost 50 minerals more, give +4 supply (+12 together) and remove burrow ability.
While burrow doesnt have such big influence on gameplay, then extra supplies is almost always use, because Player don't need to waste SCV work-time for constructing new Depot (less micro also) and save space. The ratio is the same: SupDepot 100 mineral for 8 supply = 50 mineral for 4 supply. It makes Terran very easly to enlarge they pop-cap by 50%!

IMO the extra supplies should be lower to cover the convinience of not sending new SCV to construct another Depot.

I suggest:
+2 supply for 50 minerals (instead of +4 supply for 50 minerals). This way burrow lost trade off may be taken into account.

Mar 5 2013 Anchor

Yes, the supply ratio its the same but it have some drawbacks appart from prevent burrow. The time it takes to build the extra supply its the same as building a new supply. and the extra supply makes supply depots more importannt targets, as they dont gain hp. So lossing some supplies with the addon has more impact.

May be i should increase more the build time. Or increase the cost to 75, but reducing the supply provided while keeping the cost will make it a waste of resources.

Mar 10 2013 Anchor

No se que hago aqui pero cuando construyes el deposito extra y lo cancelas puedes contruir encima otro deposito ......
eso siempre me pasa

Mar 12 2013 Anchor

No habia notado ese bug, voy a ver si puedo solucionarlo.
Gracias por reportarlo ;)

May 10 2013 Anchor

Se podra hacer que aparecezcan 6 obreros en vez de 4 ? ? y que recojan 5 unidades de cristales en vez de 8 ??
esa es mi duda

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