Rule 12 is a post-nuked total conversion for Morrowind. It is currently is the middle stages of development. Set in a post-nuclear-war era, full of irradiated grit and grime, Rule 12 is designed to be a true RPG, filled with all kinds of people and places. The world spans many areas, including a bomb crater, multiple cities and bases, and the Badlands, a jagged expanse of inhospitable terrain left to the toughest, roughest characters in the country. Rule 12 is built on the Morrowind engine, but some major mechanics are changed. Characters have abilities, which can be learned and trained in, and allow special actions. Inventory is limited both by weight of items and by limits on the number of each type, affected by stats (eg, a weak character can only carry one rifle and one pistol, a strong character could have two of each). Unfortunately, due to attempts at realism, this mod isn't for the young'uns.

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Well, I don't have anything tangible (or downloadable, or visible) to give you this time, but I might here soon. Current focus of development is a quest featuring squad-based combat. Things are going pretty well, and by the end of the week I'm hoping to have a in-game video up. ---Details in full---

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Well, I don't have anything tangible (or downloadable, or visible) to give you this time, but I might here soon.

Progress has been made on a (for the engine) rather challenging quest. In this particular escapade, the player is tasked with clearing a specific area. The usual, you're thinking?

Not at all. Morrowind doesn't usually hand you a hack-n-slash clear quest and 3 Confederacy military troopers. Yep, fully scripted troopers you will follow you, stop, take cover, report sighting enemies, yell out "Taking fire!" when they get hit, open fire on enemies before the opponent notices them, or leap-frog down hallways.
This quest, though, does.

Right now they only stop, report, and leap-frog, with limited interaction with enemies and characters, but the scripting for this is going surprisingly fast (and smoothly), so I'm hoping for a video of a run-through by the end of the week, or next week at the latest (no guarantees, though).

And, other development is going well. Many new clothes, reload scripts, tying ammo types to specific weapons, and a completely reworked (I didn't like the code, it wasn't well written) eating/drinking/sleeping system.

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