Rule 12 is a post-nuked total conversion for Morrowind. It is currently is the middle stages of development. Set in a post-nuclear-war era, full of irradiated grit and grime, Rule 12 is designed to be a true RPG, filled with all kinds of people and places. The world spans many areas, including a bomb crater, multiple cities and bases, and the Badlands, a jagged expanse of inhospitable terrain left to the toughest, roughest characters in the country. Rule 12 is built on the Morrowind engine, but some major mechanics are changed. Characters have abilities, which can be learned and trained in, and allow special actions. Inventory is limited both by weight of items and by limits on the number of each type, affected by stats (eg, a weak character can only carry one rifle and one pistol, a strong character could have two of each). Unfortunately, due to attempts at realism, this mod isn't for the young'uns.

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It's been a while since I posted an update for R12, but development continues. The first two cities are essentially done, with a couple quests each (one that spans both). Music has been added (custom made, many thanks to Paul Curtis, did a great job with the ambience), items have been added and changed, and various internal systems have been worked on. Some AI has been changed, many things simplified, and organized better.

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During the period since the last news post, there have been a huge number of changes to Rule 12.

-All IDs are being moved to easy-to-read, descriptive names (almost 70% done)
-Scripts are being optimized, rewritten, and merged (almost done)
-NPCs are having more dialogue added (custom lines for all named NPCs)
-Player-side dialogue (ever wanted to walk up to a character and say 'f*ck you'? Now you can, with a reaction)
-Quests written (custom quest for Keeler, plus two other quests, are in a playable state)
-Various classes and class-based dialogue added (all NPC classes to make characters more unique)
-Scheduling has been started in cities
-All cities and important areas have been mapped out
-The landscape surrounding Blue River, Oxide Oasis, and Silas Crossing has been formed and beautified
-Some retexturing
-Detail work added to cities (waste dump in OO, wall and barricade around OO, park in BRS)
-Horrible resolution old buggy updated with NukeouT's Ashes of Apocalypse buggy (hummer in progress for other areas)
-Fast-travel system implemented between Blue River, Silas Crossing, and Oxide Oasis
-Rentable (monthly) rooms in Blue River Apartments
-Apartment buildings built, decorated, and furnished in BRS and OO (4 apartments in BRS, 3 in OO)
-Companion rewritten to some extent
-Random encounters while using fast travel
-NPC load door system in progress (allows NPCs to move between cells Oblivion/Fallout 3 style)
-Miscellaneous places built (cemetary near BRS, island near OO; both with small amounts of loot)
-Clothing supply expanded, organized, and given slightly more descriptive names (eg "Boots - Black Leather" and "Dress - Red & Black")

Unfortunately, we're having a few website problems. The site is currently down. I'm working on rebuilding it, on an offline system, and will upload that as soon as possible. Until then, this will serve as the only R12 resource online (although the splash page for the new site is worth looking at).

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