Return to Jurassic Park is a mod for the 1998 PC game "Trespasser" set on Isla Nublar several years after the events of the first film. Running on an upgraded Trespasser engine, players will get to explore the abandoned facilities through nine expansive levels covering the entire island, while at the same time searching for weapons and supplies as well as solving challenging puzzles; encounter a wide range of dinosaurs, from the tiny compsognathus to the massive aquatic tylosaurus; and uncover a story unlike any previously presented in a Trespasser mod.

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Jungle Stream
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Wow, it is unbelievably impressive what you have done with a 20 years old engine! Can't wait to play this!

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The_Idiot Author

Thank you! You'd be amazed how versatile the engine can be, yet it's very simple to work with.

Forgot to mention in the description that there are also "splashing" water particles on that rock in the middle of the stream which I was too far from to activate and a toucan that flies around overhead - he wasn't around at the time.

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This looks totally awesome!

Some questions:

1. How many stages will the Open World-Isla Nublar be divided into?

2. Will there be some NPC-humans (could be eaten because would be more fun with some humans other than yourself on the ireland and getting themselves eaten)?

3. Will the player be able to drive any vehicles? There were Motor Bikes and cars in Trespasser i'd recall.

4. Would be cool with dead bodies of the ones from the first movie that got eaten - will you include skeletons and corpses?

Also, don't forget to backup all the mod-files both on the internet and on personal computers and harddrives. Too many mods are destroyed by harddrives/computers breaking. Just a tip.

Really impressive all of this and i am really looking forward to this.

I am thinking probably each major area could be a stage? Would be awesome if the player can go back and forth to previous areas as well.

Really awesome work! This will be great if you manage to get the dinosaurs working inside of houses as well.

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The_Idiot Author

Thanks! I'll try and answer as best as I can:

1. There will be nine levels that make up the entirety of RTJP, including a pair of prologue levels before the player reaches Isla Nublar. Originally, the plan was to make it all one huge level, but that simply won't work in Trespasser unfortunately.

2. As the story outline mentions, "Ultimately, you will discover that the monsters of the Mesozoic era are not the deadliest creatures prowling the ruins of Jurassic Park..." I'll leave it up to your imagination to decide what that means!

3. I doubt it, aside from a couple of scripted sequences. Drivable vehicles can't be done in Trespasser as of yet.

4. Yessir. We are striving to make everything as accurate to the movies as possible, so expect to find the remains of everyone who didn't survive. You'll have to journey off the path to find some of them!

"Backup all the mod files..." I already do that every time I finish a day's work! I've lost entire mods in the past because I forgot to back up - not taking any chances here.

"...each major area could be a stage..." That is sort of the plan, although the each encompass multiple major areas - the first level, Helpiad, for example, contains the helipad, brachiosaur lagoon, Main Gate, and Visitor Center, among other new locations.

"...get the dinosaurs working inside of houses..." Don't worry, there will be plenty of tense dinosaur encounters indoors.

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Oh, this sounds great man! Awesome stuff - i have lost my Trespasser CD but i will solve it somehow.

- Really looking forward to this mod, as it is looking great.

Really liking the answers.

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Not far from the helipad at the other end of the valley, this stream winds its way from the base of the massive waterfall all the way out to the coast. The stream plunges over a series of increasingly impressive waterfalls, expanding in depth and size as it winds toward an impressive vista, looked over by the unfinished Vista View restaraunt.

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