REBORN OF CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN (before as RTCW: REMAKE MOD)It is a big modification of the graphics for the game will be to choose from options. Soon, this mod will be fully released,when?When we finished this project, we don’t know!

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60chi says

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RTCW is my favorite classic game and now it looks fantastic with this mod. I can't wait for the final release.


Excellent modification for such a great classic!

Very nice :)

Dayum... Cannot believe how much id Software cut from the actual graphics.
Yes, this how supposed to look like back in 2004. I am not a graphic *****... but... after I see this man... You really are talented. A solid 10 from me. I really hope you'd finish this masterpiece. ^_^


its awesome :)

xXx_MLG420FAZEQUICK360NOSCOPEOMGLOLYOLO_xXx 1v1 m8 (no hacks) lol
i m gonna noscope you so hard just kidding xD

its makes me excited after watching video
hope you will release complete mod soon
atmosphere amazing
good work

OK, the original was simply great and I enjoyed it for years - but this mod make's the gaming experience even better, it's an awesome project and I wish the creators all the best and good luck from the heart!!!

This...This...Amazing! 10/10 :D


VERY GOOD keep working ! :D

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