Criminal World of Prohibition Fight with other gangs, sell smuggling, bootlegging, searches, arrests, killings. Be the harbinger of Anarchy

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jorgelitis11 says

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Absolutely amazing.


Spacer24 says

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Incredible mod


LuckyLe says

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Really nice mod and a MASSIVE potential.

So far the development is going in a good direction.
The mod is in Beta so expect bugs but there are not many game breaking ones/ none that I noticed so far.

The current issue for new players can be that they might have a higher ping (only one 12 slot server) so their experience will suffer a bit but in time I beleive Joe and Novak will figure it out and deliver on better quality server.

I really hope we see weapons such as bats, more knives and more pistols in the nearer future. Good luck with the mod guys!!

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