A playable Mizore (Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario Vampire) race. I sorted out the stats and as much as I could for the powers, but I would like an experienced modder or two to help me with this. For one thing, although this mod works on a vanilla Skyrim, most of my installed mods were incompatible. I would also like help in creating a Bound Dagger-like spell which creates an ice kunai (Ice Daggers -Melee), a custom weapon that looks like Ice Claws, and works with unarmed damage multipliers, an Ice Clones spell that summons a non-magic using clone of either self or target that fights for 2 minutes, and a custom appearance, or maybe a helmet, and an armour set, for the race to make it look more like the real Mizore without having to use other mods. (I used Wood Elf as a base, so it looks nowhere near right.) I have included reference pics from the anime for any Graphic Designers or some such that can create the look.

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